Build LLM-powered Alexa experiences
Explore new tools and new ways to unlock the power of generative AI with Alexa

How you can leverage generative AI

Generative AI will drive the next step function change in ambient intelligence, enabling more personalized and more natural Alexa experiences. With our new tools, you can easily build new conversational experiences or more intuitive smart home controls, without having to write complex code or train specific interaction models.

Deliver more engaging experiences

Build more conversational and natural experiences using new tools.


Build with choice and flexibility

Easily create conversational experiences with your choice of multiple LLM integration options.

Brand value and trust

Develop with trust and confidence to leverage Alexa’s large installed base and reach millions of customers.

Developer tools for building LLM-powered experiences

Integrate with Alexa's LLM

Build richer experiences by integrating content or APIs with Alexa's LLM or augment your skills by integrating with any LLM.


Integrate common device actions

Define the actions and targets for your smart home device with Action Controller and deliver intuitive experiences.

Integrate unique device features

Just describe what your smart home device can do with Dynamic Controller and Alexa will do the rest.