Cheat Sheet: Define Your Voice Strategy

Are you ready to get started with voice?

Here is a summary of key questions to ask yourself or your team when thinking about your voice strategy:

Why voice and why now?

  • Where do you see your industry going in the future? What do you envision for your own company in this context?
  • How is voice relevant to these industry trends?
  • Where does voice become relevant in your customer journey?
  • Are there already any standout examples of voice implementation in your industry?

How to adopt voice for your company or brand?

  • Are you mainly hoping to boost customer retention, customer acquisition, or revenue?
  • Which customer pain points could be addressed through voice?
  • What are possible use cases?
  • What degree of implementation are you looking for: Alexa skills, connected devices, or Alexa built-in devices?

How can you turn your idea into a viable product or service?  

  • What is your go-to-market strategy?
  • How could a prototype or proof of concept be realized?
  • What is your anticipated budget?
  • What would be a realistic schedule?

Next Step: Find a Alexa Solution Provider

You don’t have an answer to all of these questions?

Our global network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to help you develop high-quality experiences, accelerate your development, and reduce your overall development cost. The earlier you engage a Solution Provider, the better they can assist you.

Solution Providers image

Alexa Agency Curriculum

Visit the Alexa Agency Curriculum, a set of resources designed specifically for agencies, brands working with agencies, studios, and independent developers who work with brands. The curriculum will walk you through key steps in building a successful Alexa voice strategy and provide guidance for building delightful and engaging voice experiences as you incorporate voice into your go-to-market strategies.

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