DRS Solution Providers

Technology and design services for Dash Replenishment
Systems Integrators

Amazon works with select Systems Integrators (SIs) to help commercial device manufacturers bring new DRS-enabled products to market. The Systems Integrators provide hardware modules, software, and services that accelerate the implementation, delivery, and support of DRS-enabled products.

At Jabil, we empower the brands who empower the world – it’s our reason for being the guiding force that’s driving us to become the most technologically advanced manufacturing solutions provider on the planet. We serve the world’s biggest brands and the coolest tech startups, and our resolve never wavers. Learn more >

Linkplay is a System Integrator that delivers a highly cost-effective turn-key solution providing hardware and software modules to integrate into DRS-enabled smart devices and is now optimized to integrate into hardware devices across multiple verticals. Linkplay specializes in helping brands develop and launch devices quickly to the market while ensuring high-quality performance. Learn more >

Vectorform invents digital products and experiences for the world’s leading brands, with a focus on Internet of Things, delivering custom solutions for Mobile, Web, Voice, Hardware, and Firmware. Vectorform is a strategic partner for integrating with Amazon Dash Replenishment Services and building Alexa Voice Skills. Learn more >

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