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Login with Amazon SDK for iOS 3.1.x Migration Guide

This guide explains how to migrate your app from using the Login with Amazon SDK for iOS v3.0.6.1 (and below) to the Login with Amazon SDK for iOS v3.1.0 (and above). You will need to rename any Login with Amazon classes prefixed with AI.

If you’ve not yet integrated Login with Amazon into your app, review the full set of instructions in our Getting Started Guide for iOS.

Renamed Classes and Protocols

The following classes have been renamed, and any usage of these classes in your existing codebase should also be renamed.

  • AIErrorAMZNLWAError
  • AIMobileLibAMZNLWAMobileLib
  • AIAuthenticationDelegateAMZNLWAAuthenticationDelegate

Update Target Name

In this new LWA SDK for iOS, we use ASWebAuthenticationSession and SFAuthenticationSession to achieve SSO (Single Sign-On) for iOS versions 11.0 and above. After clicking the Login with Amazon button, before being redirected to an embedded webview to sign in, a pop-up will be presented by the system asking the user if they want to allow your app name to use “” to sign in. Apple uses the name of your Xcode project’s application target rather than the display name to present the pop-up to customers. To avoid customer confusion, we recommend changing your application’s target name to mirror your application’s display name.

When creating an Xcode project, the target name is automatically set to the same name as your display name as shown under the app icon. However, if you’ve changed either and your target name is different from your display name, please change your target name to match the display name in your Xcode project settings. The display name can be found under the General section of your project, and to edit the target name, simply click and hold the target name to begin editing.