Voice Is the New Gaming Frontier 

Pioneers of voice games are imagining a whole new way to engage players, feeding their curiosity with new ways to play—including interactive adventures, family-friendly games, and quiz games. You can reach customers through more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices and drive player engagement and awareness of your games. Get our guide to learn how to build engaging voice-first games, how to monetize your gaming experience, and more.

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Key Features 

Skill Flow Builder

Skill Flow Builder enables you to build story-based game skills faster, including interactive fiction, branching narratives, and role-playing games.

Skills GameOn SDK (beta)

Use the Skills GameOn SDK (beta), powered by Amazon GameOn and optimized for Alexa skills, to easily integrate leaderboards into your game skills.

In-Skill Purchasing

Sell premium content to enrich your Alexa skill experience. Examples include in-game products, unlocked features and content, and more.

Alexa Presentation Language

Add visual elements and touch to make your voice-first experiences even more delightful, engaging, and easy to use.

Code Samples

Beginner Skill Developers

Quiz Game Skill

Build a quiz game skill and learn about speechcons.

Advanced Skill Developers

Decision Tree Skill

Take this sample decision tree skill and make it your own.

Not a Developer?

You can still build an Alexa skill—no coding required. Create a skill in minutes with a Skill Blueprint template or hire an experienced agency to build your skill.

Featured Case Studies

Get Started with Game Skills

Ready to build? Get the Alexa for Gaming guide and learn how to build engaging voice-first games today.

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