Alexa in Higher Education

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You are the builders of tomorrow.

VUIs, such as Alexa, represent the next major disruption in computing. Take part in this transformation by building your first Alexa skill.


You enable students to dream big.

The Alexa Skills Kit is great to prepare students to build for voice. Teach your students a valuable new skill by adding Alexa projects to your curriculum.

IT Administrators

You make education possible.

Alexa can help you reimagine life on campus and in the classroom with voice experiences. Start by building an Alexa skill or a flash briefing skill.

Ed-Tech Professionals

Your products improve education.

Future-proof your offerings by enabling them for voice with Alexa. Build an Alexa skill for your product and customers will learn to simply ask.

Voice Innovation in Education
Alexa Fund Fellowship Program

Universities in the field of AI integrate Alexa into their curriculum.

The Alexa Prize

$2.5 million to advance conversational artificial intelligence.

Engaging new fans with Alexa

UC Irvine's athletic department keeps sports fans up to date with voice.

Fostering student innovation

Students reimagine sustainability and accessibility with Alexa. And the winners of the contest are...

Building Alexa-enabled VR worlds

CMU students prototype a fully immersive VR world with Alexa and AWS.

Imagining the smart home of the future

UNLV students envision the efficient smart home of the future with Alexa.

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