Alexa for Gaming

Build Voice-First Games with Alexa

Build Games for Voice, the New Gaming Frontier

Voice is the new gaming frontier. Pioneers of voice games are reimagining a whole new way to engage players, feeding their curiosity with new ways to play—including interactive adventures, family-friendly games, quiz games, and much more.

Change the Game with Voice

Add voice to your wildest gaming ideas. Build brand new voice experiences, or enhance your existing games with a voice companion. Either way, reach customers through tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices.

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Add Visual and Touch Elements

Deliver communal, multi-player experiences using the Alexa Presentation Language on millions of Alexa devices with displays, and add light commands and button presses with Echo Buttons.

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Make Money with Alexa

You can sell premium content to enrich your skill experience, including subscriptions, consumables, and more. You can also make money for game skills that drive customer engagement.

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Get in the Game

Get started quickly with these tutorials.

Quiz Games

(Beginner) Learn how to create a quiz, solicit answers to fill-in-the-blank, and gather information in the form of slots.

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Trivia Games

(Beginner) Easily create a trivia game that asks multiple choice questions. Learn how to keep score. Learn more

Decision Trees

(Beginner) Create games that ask a series of questions to arrive at a conclusion. Learn more

Adventure Games

(Advanced) Use this to graphically design and build a more complex game that takes players down various paths. Learn more

See What Others Have Built with Alexa

Jeopardy! J6

Sony designed the skill to extend an experience authentic to the original TV show to fans at home. Delivering fresh content every day, the skill accepts responses always phrased in the form of a question.

The SpongeBob Challenge

Nickelodeon's skill places kids behind the counter at the Krusty Krab diner where they take orders that they then have to remember. The skill features 70 characters from the show including Patrick, Plankton, and Mr. Krabs.

Earplay Interactive Stories

Earplays’ skill features voice acting, music, and sound effects like old-time radio dramas. Learn how the skill builders worked out many of the pitfalls inherent to branching story plots before coding.

The Magic Door

Andy Huntwork designed this sophisticated, interactive adventure, hosting 10 adventure storylines, 200 scenes, 30,000 spoken words, numerous character voices, and hundreds of sounds effects.

The Wayne Investigation

Warner Bros. incorporated music and sound effects to create one of the most engaging game skills for Alexa. Using a decision tree model, the skill builders translated their script into code hosted on AWS.

A VR World

In just two weeks, a group of Carnegie Mellon University students built a fully immersive virtual world using Unity game engine, Oculus Rift, Alexa, Amazon DynamoDB and other AWS services.

Get Interactive with Echo Buttons

Echo Buttons are the first Alexa Gadget in a new category of connected products and developer tools for building fun, interactive experiences with Alexa.

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Echo Buttons are Bluetooth devices that turn compatible Echo devices into a hub for interactive play. Each button illuminates and can be pressed to trigger a variety of play experiences powered by Alexa.

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Build Games for Echo Buttons

The Gadgets Skill API enables developers to create games, educational skills and novelty experiences for Echo Buttons. Each button illuminates and can be pressed to trigger a variety of play experiences powered by Alexa.

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Learn Some Skills to Build Better Skills

Learn new concepts and tips to make your game skill even more engaging.

Fun with Echo Buttons

With the Gadgets Skill API, developers can create fun, interactive experiences that work with Echo Buttons, an Alexa Gadget. Learn more

5 ways to level up with AWS

Get ideas for using AWS for sound libraries, connected devices, machine learning, advanced analytics, and more. Learn more

Tips on state management

By design, each loop between Alexa and your web service is a clean slate. Help your skill remember a player’s actions to inform future decisions. Learn more

Natural expression with SSML

Control pronunciation, volume, intonation, emphasis and emotion. Add pauses or short audio sound effects. Learn more

Build a Skill, Earn Rewards

Publish a skill and you could get swag, free cloud services, and cold, hard cash.

Earn perks for publishing a skill

Every month, we reward developers who publish a skill with cool swag. Go ahead, knock your socks off. We’ve got you covered. Learn more

Build and host most skills for free

Alexa skill developers can apply to receive $100 in AWS promotional credits, with an additional $100 per month if the skill incurs usage charges. Learn more

Earn money for skills customers love

Every month, developers can earn money for eligible skills that drive some of the highest customer engagement. Learn more