Build Game Skills for Alexa

Introducing new developer tools and tutorials for creating great voice-based games

Customers love to play voice-based games on Alexa-enabled devices. 20% of our top skills are games, including Jeopardy!, Animal Game, and more. And, in July 2016, Alexa customers engaged in over 300K game sessions in the top five game skills alone. Now, we’ve made it easier to create game skills for Alexa.

Now we’ve made it easier for you to reach customers on millions of Alexa-enabled devices with your game content using the Alexa Skills Kit. We have introduced a tool with source code that allows you to graphically design interactive adventure games for Alexa. Interactive adventure games represent a new category of skill that allows customers to engage with an interactive story through voice. With these skills, you can showcase original content or build compelling companion experiences to existing books, movies and games.

If you want to get started quickly, you can use our Trivia or Decision Tree skill templates that make it easy for developers or non-developers to create game skills. These templates make it easy for developers or non-developers to create a skill similar to “European Vacation Recommender” or “Astronomy Trivia."

Interactive Adventure Game Tool

An open-source tool for creating adventure games

Decision Tree Template

An easy to use template for creating decision tree skills

Trivia Game Template

An easy to use template for creating trivia game skills

Developer Spotlight: The Wayne Investigation

In The Wayne Investigation skill (4.7 stars, 48 reviews), you’re transported to Gotham City a few days after the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. You play the part of a detective, investigating the crime and interrogating interesting characters, with Alexa guiding you through multiple virtual rooms, giving you choices, and helping you find important clues. Learn how they made it.

Special Offer: Free T-Shirts

All games published will receive an Alexa dev t-shirt. Quantities are limited. See Terms and Conditions. You can get started quickly using our trivia skill template. Learn more.