Beta and Developer Preview

Alexa Skills Kit

Keeping pace with the innovation and passion of Alexa developers, we are committed to providing you with tools, features, and programs that enable you to create innovative skills. In that pursuit, we offer early access to our new offerings through our beta and developer preview programs. Try the features and programs below, and help us improve and evolve our offerings.

Beta | Developer Preview


Start using these tools and features now to develop your skills.

Test Simulator

Use the Test Simulator to test your Alexa skill without a device. The new simulator expands existing testing capabilities such as text input, JSON debugging, and visual display by adding features like the ability to test multi-turn conversation, entity resolution, dialog management, and more.

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Developer Console (Beta)

Alexa Skills Kit developer console provides a streamlined experience allowing you to build engaging Alexa skills and manage the entire skill lifecycle with ease. The developer console organizes skill tasks into build, test, launch, and measure phases. You can take advantage of the beta now to edit an existing skill or to create a new one.

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Developer Preview

Apply to receive access for qualified skills.

Make Money with Your Alexa Skill

You now have more ways to monetize your Alexa skill by using in-skill purchasing (subscriptions and one-time purchases) and Amazon Pay.

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Notification for Alexa Skills

The notifications feature gives Alexa the capability to alert customers with information that is important to them and is already available for Amazon Shopping and select skills. You can sign up for adding notification to your skill.

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Personalized Skill Response

Alexa voice profiles already provide customers personalized experiences with Alexa when playing music, making calls, sending messages and more. You can sign up for use of the Alexa Skills Kit to build personalized responses when Alexa recognizes a customer’s voice.

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