Get Started with Alexa for Hospitality APIs

Before you can use Alexa for Hospitality APIs, you must create an Amazon Business account, and then register it with Alexa for Hospitality. Then you must create a Login with Amazon (LWA) security profile by using the same Amazon Business account that you registered with Alexa for Hospitality. Finally, you must use the security profile to generate an API access token.

To create an Amazon Business account

To create an LWA security profile

To register with Alexa for Hospitality

  • To register your account for Alexa for Hospitality APIs, see Get Started with Alexa for Hospitality and Alexa for Residential. A member of the Alexa Business Development team will contact you to:
  • Register your company's Amazon Business account e-mail or customer ID, legal entity ID, and LWA client ID
  • Finalize pricing
  • Finish setting up your subscription
  • Give you your Alexa for Hospitality organization (amzn1.alexa.unit.did.{id}) identifier

Integrate with LWA to get an API access token

To integrate LWA into your application to obtain an API access token, follow the instructions in Integrate LWA with your app. These instructions show you how to integrate LWA into your application and obtain an LWA API access token. For more information, see Authorization Code Grant.

To integrate with LWA to get an API access token for Alexa for Hospitality

  1. Choose Auth Code Grant as your auth grant type.
  2. Request the "alexa::enterprise:management", "credential_locker::wifi_management", and "profile:user_id" scopes.

After you can successfully log in with LWA by using your Amazon Business account, you can call Alexa for Hospitality APIs.

To refresh your access token, follow the instructions in Using Refresh Tokens.

Use the LWA access token

To call the APIs, you must include your API access token as part of the Authorization request header of each API call.

The following example is a CURL request that uses the access token to call the endpoint enumeration API. To use it, change $ACCESS_TOKEN to your real access token, and then change the URL to the correct one for the API you're calling.

   curl -i -v -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"

Now that you've registered with Alexa for Hospitality, you're ready to use its APIs.