Marketing Your App

Improve the visibility of your apps and games

Detail page content and assets

market your app
Detail pages, video, screenshots

What would you tell a friend who is learning about your app for the first time? Put that information on your detail page. Visit our blog for tips on how to write an effective detail page and incorporate video and screenshots into your app marketing materials.

app promotional images
Promotional images

Uploading a promotional graphic allows the Amazon team to market your app to customers in a colorful way. Consider creating a promotional image to take advantage of new marketing placements for this purpose. These graphics should be 1024x500 pixels and in PNG or JPG format. Steps to upload these images are available on the blog.

localized app marketing
Localized marketing content

Amazon highly recommends you translate your content to ensure customers in different countries have an easier time discovering and using your apps, IAP items, and subscriptions. You can localize your apps by adding marketplace-specific pricing as well as app titles and descriptions. Sign into the developer portal to localize your apps, and learn more about localization best practices and steps to localize your apps on Amazon from our blog.

app advertising
Advertise Your App

When you launch an Advertise Your App campaign, your app is featured on Fire tablet wakescreens, Android, and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, enabling you to directly reach Android and Fire users. Create a campaign (sign-in required) or learn more about Advertise Your App.

amazon badges

Don't forget to tell your customers that your app is available on Amazon! Driving traffic to Amazon gives interested customers a place to research and purchase your app. Leverage badges to link potential purchasers from your website to Amazon to learn more about your app.