Calibrating Your Setup

Calibrate your acoustic testing setup so that your test environment produces similar test results to the Amazon test environment.

  • To account for minor differences in environments, Amazon specifies a sound pressure level (SPL) for each test condition. Adjust the volume of playback in your test environment to achieve the same sound pressure level.
  • To measure sound pressure level, use a sound level meter (SLM). The Alexa Acoustic Testing User Guide describes how to configure your setup to emulate the SPL values of the Amazon test lab.

Before testing, follow the steps in the Alexa Acoustic Testing User Guide to gather the necessary data about your laptop volume levels. When you're ready for each full acoustic test, set your laptop volume levels according to the data that you gathered. The details that you gather are primarily for you, serving as an aid in repeatability of your tests and in any debugging of your audio setup.