Understand Meetings Skills

Meetings skills allow people in an organization to use Alexa to search for and reserve meeting rooms. When you build a meetings skill, the voice interaction model is defined and handled for you. Alexa interprets what users say and sends messages to your skill that communicate the requests. Meetings skills rely on the Alexa.Business.Reservation.Room Interface, which enables searching for and reserving meeting rooms.

You can only build meetings skills in the U.S., because Alexa for Business is available only in the U.S.

Who can develop meetings skills

Anyone can build a meetings skill. For example, if you are a room-booking solution provider with an existing service, you can integrate your service with Alexa. Or, if your company has an internal service for employees to book meeting rooms, you can integrate your internal service.

You can build and deploy a meetings skill privately through Alexa for Business, or publicly through the Alexa Skills Store. If publishing to the Alexa Skills Store, as with any other skill type, your skill must go through certification.

Use Alexa for Business to set up your rooms

To use the Alexa devices that are in your rooms to create and update room reservations by using your meetings skill, someone at your company, for example an IT administrator, needs to enroll in Alexa for Business. Then, in the Alexa for Business console, your IT administrator creates rooms, and links to your company's room-booking account.

For each room, your IT administrator enters the room identifier used by your room-booking solution, and enables your meetings skill. Alexa for Business and your meetings skill use the room identifier as a common way to communicate which room the skill is booking.


To develop a meetings skill, you must have the following:

  • An Amazon developer account at https://developer.amazon.com/. Sign up is free.
  • An AWS account at https://aws.amazon.com/. You will use the AWS console and host your skill as an AWS Lambda function. Once you start testing your skill, you will also need to use the Alexa for Business service via the AWS console.
  • Knowledge of JSON and one of the supported languages for AWS Lambda: Node.js, Java, Python, C#, or Go.
  • Understanding of how OAuth 2.0 works in order to use account linking, which is required for meetings skills.

Next steps

To get started building your meetings skill, see Steps to Create a Meetings Skill.

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