Get Started with the Development Kit for ACK

The Development Kit for Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) comes with a development board with an integrated ACK module. Use the Development Kit for ACK and the ACK collection of tools, managed services, and ACK Device SDK to develop Alexa-connected products. For details, see What is ACK?

Use this guide to set up and register a development device with Alexa. You then run a sample application on your development device and control a smart light with the Alexa app.


  • A development kit for ACK. If you don't have one yet, see Obtain the ACK Development Kit.
  • The getting started guide uses an Arduino Zero development board to represent an HMCU (Host Microcontroller Unit). If your ACK development kit doesn't come with an Arduino Zero development board, and you want to complete the getting started examples, purchase an Arduino Zero development board.

Guide overview

This guide walks you through the following steps: