Step 1: Create a Virtual Product

In this step, you create an Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) virtual product in the ACK developer console. You can have only one virtual product, and you can't delete virtual products. If you would like to work with multiple virtual products simultaneously, create an additional Amazon developer account. For details about virtual products, see Understand Virtual Products.


You need an Amazon developer account to access the ACK developer console.

Create a new virtual product

To create a new virtual product

  1. Open the ACK developer console and log in.

  2. Open the Products page.

  3. Click Create Product.

  4. Fill out each field. For Display Category, choose LIGHT.

  5. Click the Create Product button.

A banner appears on the products page while the product creation is in progress. Manually refresh the page to see if your virtual product is ready. When your virtual product is ready, you see Success.