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Certification with Frustration-Free Setup

FFS Certification ensures your FFS integration meets our requirements for customers. Our certification does not replace your feature, security, or performance testing. As part of this process, you will complete the self-certification test plan defined below and submit the results for review. Upon completing the review, the Amazon team will reach out to you to schedule your devices' certification. You will be asked to send sample devices, product packaging, beta apps, instructions, and you may be asked to enable relevant Alexa skills for our certification team.

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Regardless of whether your device connects to Alexa directly, locally, or in the cloud, you can submit your products for testing via the Works with Alexa program. When your products are certified, they can carry the Works with Alexa badge in the Amazon Smart Home Store and on product packaging. You can also apply for the Certified for Humans program, a certification and marketing program for Alexa-compatible devices to help customers discover high quality smart home products that work simply and dependably.

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