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Create an LwA Security Profile

To access Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), your product must obtain a Login with Amazon (LwA) access token, which grants your product access to the DRS APIs on your customer’s behalf.

The first step in obtaining an LwA token is to create a security profile for your device. The following instructions will walk you through this process.

Create an LwA Security Profile

  1. Login to the Amazon Developer Portal.
  2. Click on the APPS & SERVICES tab, then click on Login with Amazon.

  3. Click on Create a New Security Profile.

  4. Enter the following information:
    • Security Profile Name - The name of your app or product.
    • Security Profile Description - The description of your app or product.
    • Consent Privacy Notice URL - This is your privacy URL that explains how you will use the customer DRS data.
    • Brand Image for Consent Logo - Although this is an optional parameter, we strongly recommend you set one as it will appear in the Consent page when the customer begins the DRS onboarding flow.

    Please note: The name, privacy URL and logo will be customer-facing and must reflect your product or company information.

  5. Click Save.

Get Your Security Profile information

After you have created your Amazon Security Profile, follow the steps below to obtain the necessary information to complete the device registration.

  1. After you click Save, you'll be taken to your list of security profiles. Click the gear next to the Security Profile you would like to use and select Security Profile.

  2. Take note of your Security Profile ID and Client ID.

  3. Go to and take note of your Vendor ID.

Next Step

Next, we will set up a new device in the DRS Self-Service Portal.

Last updated: Aug 07, 2018