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Amazon Music Developer

Program Overview

Amazon Music offers developers the ability to leverage its enormous cloud-based music library. Providing easy access to Amazon Music on your business’s platforms or devices can be a value add for your customers in two key ways. First, you can extend the functionality your platform offers with Amazon Music’s many useful features. And secondly, Amazon Music instantly provides access to an enormous cloud-based library of millions of songs to its members.

Integration with Amazon Music provides the end-user with a host of useful features: the ability to create and share playlists; browse top hits; listen to Amazon Music radio stations, and look up information about artists, songs, and albums.

How can you take advantage of everything that Amazon Music has to offer? In a few different ways. We have developed ready-to-go apps for several platforms. In addition to Android- and iOS-based apps, we offer our HTML5 Big Screen app for devices such as smart TVs and an automotive app for automotive platforms.

But not every platform is the same. You may wish to implement custom features, or you may have a device with unique interface requirements. For such cases, we provide an API that allows powerful “under-the-hood” access to Amazon Music’s wide array of features, its functionality, and its cloud-based library.

To integrate with Amazon Music, you have several options:

Build and update playlists with our REST API

For simple custom interactions not requiring playback, such as building or sharing playlists, you can leverage our REST API development framework. This framework, using JSON to communicate with endpoints, will feel familiar to many developers. Sample code, documentation, and guidelines are available to help you make the most of your custom integration. See the REST API documentation for more details.

Full browse and playback experience with our Browse API

The Browse API is a robust development framework created by Amazon specifically for allowing partners to produce custom apps that fully integrate with Amazon Music. Browse categories such as tracks, artists, stations, and podcasts in a tree-like structure. Stream tracks in many different file formats at different bit rates. See the Browse API documentation for more details.

The Big Screen HTML5 App

If your device is a smart TV or something similar, you can leverage our ready-to-go Big Screen app, built in HTML5. This robust app is a ready-made solution for large screen interfaces and only requires compatibility testing to integrate. See the HTML5 app documentation for more information.

The Automotive App

If you are developing an automotive platform, our existing automotive app may be a great way to integrate with Amazon Music. This is a full-featured pre-built app that allows your customers to enjoy streaming Amazon Music while on the road. See the automotive app documentation to get started.

Android and iOS apps

Of course Amazon Music has apps built to run on iOS and Android. If your platform uses one of these operating systems, this can be a fast and simple way to integrate with Amazon Music. See the iOS app or the Android app documentation to get started.