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Amazon Music Device API

HTTP Resource Types

Each HTTP resource provided by the API belongs to one or more resource types. A resource type defines the behavior of requests made to resources of that type.


A resource that supports the GET method and whose representation is a Document<T> when the response status is 200 OK.


A resource that accepts playback event reports in the form of a POST request. Each track instance specifies one such resource that clients must use to report all playback events related to that particular track.

The request body must contain a JSON-encoded playback event report. If the response status indicates an error, the client must stop playback if it was not already stopped.


A resource that accepts track rating requests via the POST method. The URL of such a resource is obtained from the track­Rating object inside the Track­Definition of a track that supports ratings.

The request body must contain a JSON-encoded Track­Rating­Request. The response body will contain a JSON-encoded Document<Track­Rating­Response>.


A resource that client applications can use to determine whether or not the Amazon Music service is available in a particular geographical area. This resource is accessible through the availability query endpoint.

This resource accepts only GET and HEAD requests. A request to this resource must contain an application/x-www-form-urlencoded query component with parameter country. The value must be a valid ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.

When the response status is 200 OK, the response body will contain a JSON-encoded Document<Availability­Response>.