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Alexa, Take Me to the Moon

5 inspiring facts about Alexa and NASA’s Artemis I mission

Alexa Auto

Amazon and Stellantis Collaborate to Introduce Customer-Centric Connected Experiences Across Millions of Vehicles, Helping Accelerate Stellantis’ Software Transformation

Bring Alexa Multimodal Experiences to Life in the Vehicle with Alexa Auto SDK 4.0

Build with Alexa

Announced at CES 2022

How Eureka is designing the robot vacuum of the future  

CEO of Labrador Systems: ‘Voice allows us to add an extra dimension to our robot’

Amazon announces Frustration Free Setup for Matter devices.

Amazon Announces New Matter Support for Device Makers

From “Hey, Disney!” to “Hi Bixby” and more: How leading brands are reinventing the customer experience with Alexa

3 Tips on how to think about robotics for your business from the CEO of Embodied Systems

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Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor: Bringing Even More Functionality to Ring Alarm

14 incredible startups innovating with Alexa at CES

Fire TV is on the move in 2022

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