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Grow Your Business with Voice

Voice interfaces have changed how people interact with technology and services. Customers use Alexa billions of times each week through hundreds of millions of Alexa devices, in their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, cars, and more. They use voice in place of mobile devices and in situations where they used no device previously. You can take advantage to better serve your current customers as well as reach and acquire new ones. 

Grow Your Business
Expand Your Reach

Make it easy for customers to access your news, music, and other content and services using their voices, whether at home or on the go.

Let Your Brand Speak

Build experiences that let customers interact with your games, characters, and other brand assets in new ways. You can also innovate building voice-only experiences.

Sell Goods and Services

Generate additional revenue by selling your company's goods and services or premium content using transaction features.

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Expand Your Reach

Engage millions of new and existing customers wherever they are. Let customers use their voices to easily access your news, music, and other content and services at home, on the go, and through multiple device types—including smart speakers, smart TVs, cars, headphones, and more.


Headspace reimagined its meditation app for voice to provide a customer experience free of mobile interruptions. Customers are responding to the simpler and more seamless option by linking accounts, trying premium experiences, and coming back for more.   


Induslnd Bank created IndusAssist, a secure voice banking solution, to address its customers’ most common informational and transactional needs. The bank drove fast adoption of IndusAssist which now covers 74% of all customer transactions requests. 


Let Your Brand Speak

Use voice to close the distance between your brand and your customers. Make it simple, natural, and hands-free for customers to interact with your products and services. Utilize the games, stories, and content you’ve already made, or create new voice-first experiences for your customers.


To drum up excitement for the launch of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft created a game companion experience for Alexa. In the Spartan skill, Alexios delivers in-game information, answers questions, and even tells jokes to engage and delight fans at home. Ubisoft also produced a funny and well-received video featuring Alexios in action.


For the Season 2 finale of Westworld, HBO turned to Alexa to draw fans into the fantasy world. Westworld: The Maze is an immersive voice game that lets fans navigate the show’s world and interact with characters. With actors and custom-built sound design, the game kept fans engaged for an average of 15 minutes.


Sell Goods and Services

Become a pioneer and build the future of premium and shopping experiences on voice. With Alexa, you can sell your company's goods and services or premium voice content using transaction features.

Sony Pictures Television

Sony Pictures Television built Alexa skills to bring Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to millions of fans at home. Both games include premium content—Jeopardy! via a subscription and Millionaire via a consumable model—to give fans more of the content they love.  


Volley built voice-first games that amassed over 500,000 monthly active users in less than a year. With a vision to “build games that people can play for hundreds of hours,” Volley added premium expansion packs to its top-rated game and has seen “much, much higher” conversion than its mobile app.

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