Getting Started with Alexa Skills: New Training Series from A Cloud Guru

Azi Farjad Aug 22, 2018
Tips & Tools

We’re excited to announce a new video training series from A Cloud Guru on Alexa skill development. The free training series called Alexa Devs walks new developers and non-developers through how to build Alexa skills from start to finish. You’ll also learn how to enhance your skill using persistence, Speechcons, and SSML to create more engaging voice experiences for customers. Check out the first episode on how to build your first Alexa skill here.

Sign Up to Start Learning

To access the Alexa Devs training series, create a free account with A Cloud Guru. If you are already a member with A Cloud Guru, just log in to start watching. Throughout the series, A Cloud Guru instructors will cover various aspects of skill building and show you how to build engaging skills using version 2 of the Alexa Skills Kit Software Development Kit (SDK) for Node.js.

The first two training videos on how to build your first Alexa skill and how to enhance skill with audio files are available today. Upcoming videos will teach you how to:

  • Build customer engagement with leaderboards and gamification
  • Use AWS services like Amazon DynamoDB to increase performance
  • Enhance your skill to work on devices with screens like Echo Show and Echo Spot

The Alexa Devs training series is free and will help you to understand how to get started with voice and take your skill building to the level. Click here to create an account and watch the training series for free.

Build Engaging Skills, Earn Developer Perks

After watching the videos, you can publish a new Alexa skill and earn exclusive Alexa developer perks. Check out our developer promotions in the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and India to learn more.

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