Find Experienced Skill Builders in Australia & New Zealand


New Zealand’s first voice application development studio. Sonnar specialises in design, development, hosting and managing custom Alexa skills for leading brands, publishers and organisations.


Versa is a leading Conversational and Digital Consultancy specialising in conversational experiences and enterprise level solutions for market leading brands.


TalkVia is a dedicated Conversational AI company specialising in hi-fidelity experiences. We are a trusted advisor to government and Fortune 500.

Does your company build skills on behalf of customers?

Agencies are creating innovative Alexa skills so that brands can reach their customers via Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV. If you think your company has the expertise to assist clients in creating skills, please contact us. We will provide you with training resources and documentation so that your skills leverage best practices in VUI design and development.

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