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Getting started with Frustration-Free Setup

Walk through steps required to integrate Amazon’s Frustration-Free Setup Technology
1. Review Documentation

In addition to understanding what makes an FFS device, there are a few other things that you need to set up and understand to get started using FFS.

Wi-Fi simple setup (WSS) & Wi-Fi simple reconnect (WSR)

To get started with Wi-Fi simple setup, just use our C SDK or integrating with our APIs. Wi-Fi simple reconnect is currently in developer preview.

Learn more about Wi-Fi simple reconnect

Request access to the simple reconnect developer preview here

Zigbee simple setup (ZSS), Bluetooth simple setup (BSS), and Matter Simple Setup (MSS)

If your device uses Zigbee, it must be Zigbee 3.0 certified. BSS devices must use Bluetooth Mesh. MSS devices must be Matter Certified.

Learn more about ZSS integration

Learn more about BSS integration

Learn more about MSS integration

2. Onboard Your Device

All new devices, regardless of protocol, must create a new device type with Amazon. Each new SKU you plan to launch needs a device type, and each unique device needs a certificate. We commonly refer to these device certificates as Device Hardware Authentication (DHA) material. DHA is a requirement for FFS to create secure communications between FFS enabled devices and the device setup service. Once you integrate the keys and development certificates into your FFS implementation, you can use commercially available Amazon Echo (second generation and above) and Fire TV devices (first-generation and above) during your device testing.

Submit an onboarding request

3. Update Your Packaging

When a customer purchases your device on and enables simple setup, Amazon captures the unique serial number from your packaging and associates it with the purchaser's account. To do this, you need to include a unique barcode on your packaging. This barcode is a requirement for FFS to create secure communications between your device and Amazon's device setup service. The barcode is added to the exterior of your product packaging, scanned at the Amazon fulfillment center, and used as an FFS requirement to protect customers and create secure communications between your device and Amazon's device setup service.

View manufacturing steps

4. Complete Certification

FFS requires all devices to complete certification before selling in production. These requirements ensure all FFS capable devices maintain our quality bar for customers. Once FFS certification is complete, your device may be eligible for other certification programs, like Certified for Humans (CFH).

CFH is a customer experience program that certifies devices that are simple to set up and easy for any human to us. Our goal is to eliminate the complexity and friction that customers often experience with smart devices today, highlighting devices that are easy to set up and use without compromising unconnected devices.

Learn more on certification