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The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) answer common questions about the Works with Alexa (WWA) certification program.

About the WWA program

Q: Why should I certify my product for the WWA program?

Customers trust that a smart home product with WWA certification meets a high standard for quality and integration with Alexa. Increased customer confidence leads to increased traffic to your product in the Amazon Alexa Smart Home store and offline channels. When Amazon certifies your product, you can carry the WWA logo on product packaging, a personalized WWA badge on the Amazon detail page, and notation in the search that the product is Amazon certified. Amazon also considers your product for additional co-marketing opportunities.

Q: How does this program help assure quality?

To achieve certification, a third-party lab comprehensively tests your product against a high-quality bar. After certification, Amazon conducts an ongoing audit of product star ratings, customer feedback, service latency, and device cloud up-time. Each WWA-certified product sold on Amazon must provide continued reliable service and excellent customer feedback to maintain certification, or Amazon might disqualify your product from the program.

Q: Who can participate in this program?

You can participate in the program if you're a smart home device manufacturer who would like to promote your product's integration with Alexa and sell your product in the Alexa Smart Home store and Works with Alexa store on

Q: How long does it take to receive WWA certification?

Allow at least one month to complete the WWA certification. After testing begins, you can expect testing results within 10 business days. If you must also certify a skill, allow an additional five days for WWA skill certification.

Q: Is there a cost to certify my product for WWA?

The lab charges a fee for testing your product. The lab evaluates the effort required to test your product and provides you with a quote before starting the testing process. For an estimate of the cost, see the WWA testing cost estimator.

Q: What Alexa-enabled devices do certified products work with?

The WWA certification program guarantees that your product works with any Alexa-enabled device. This guarantee includes all Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo, Dot, and Show, and any third-party devices that carry the "Alexa Built-in" certification.

Q: Can I certify other products that work with Alexa other than smart home products?

Yes, you can certify any device that can connect to Alexa and Alexa can control. For details, review the Works with Alexa Program Guidelines.

Q: Can I certify a product that works with custom interactions?

To qualify for WWA, your Alexa skill must support the required capability interfaces for your device type. In addition to your custom intents, to allow the customer to control your device, you must implement the Smart Home API for the required capabilities. All other applicable WWA certification requirements apply also.

Q: Am I required to sell my products on Amazon to qualify for WWA?

No, you don't have to sell your product on the Amazon retail website to qualify for WWA. However, to receive the benefits of the WWA badge, Amazon recommends that you list your product on the Amazon retail website.

Q: If I don't wish to participate in the WWA program, how do I advertise my products' compatibility with Alexa?

If you don't participate in the WWA certification program, you can't feature the WWA badge or the Alexa logo on your marketing material. However, to describe your device's integration with Alexa, you can use the phrase, "Compatible with Alexa," in plain text form. You can also feature the Alexa utterance bubble or an image of the Amazon Echo device on your product packaging and marketing material.

Sell your product on the Amazon retail website

Q: How do I become a seller on the Amazon retail website and receive an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for my product?

For details about how to sign up to sell on the Amazon retail website, see Become an Amazon seller. After you have a Seller ID, you can add a new product to the store. Amazon assigns an ASIN to each individual product.

Q: What can I say on my Amazon detail page to describe how my product works with Alexa?

After your product receives certification, you can display the WWA badge on your product image on the Amazon detail pages for your product's ASINs. You can also add the certification in the bullet points on the detail page. For details about brand usage and Alexa skills marketing guidelines, see Amazon Alexa Brand.

Certification requirements

Q: My product integrates an Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) hardware module. Can I apply for WWA certification?

Products that connect to Alexa with an Alexa smart home skill, the Alexa Connect Kit (ACK), and local control (hub), or products that have Alexa Built-in can apply for WWA certification. Before you apply for certification, make sure that your product meets the WWA certification requirements.

Q: Where do I go if I have questions about the certification process?

During the registration and certification process, if you have questions, contact the Amazon WWA program team.

Product registration

Q: How do I certify my hub?

If you would like to certify a hub, include your hub when you register and submit your device. Specify the hub as the local connection, and then provide the hub configuration. If your device receives WWA certification, your hub also receives certification. Don't register or submit the hub independently. If you already submitted your device for certification, please re-register your device to add the hub information, and then resubmit your product for certification.

Certification submission

Q: Where can I submit my product for certification?

You can register and submit your product for certification in the Alexa Certification Console. For details, see Apply for Works with Alexa Certification.

Q: How do I find the ASIN for my skill?

Browse to your skill in the Alexa Skills Store in the marketplace where you publish your skill. The ASIN is the 10-digit alphanumeric ID in the URL. For example, in the URL, the ASIN is A1A1A1A1A1.

Q: How does this certification program work if my product requires a hub to control it?

If you require a hub to control your product, specify all compatible hubs with their ASINs when you apply for certification. When your product appears on the Amazon retail website, the detail page shows that it's compatible for use with the certified hubs only.

Certification testing

Q: Can I see what test plans the testing facility runs?

You can review the test plans on the Certification page in the Alexa Certification Console. For details, see Review your project information.

Q: What if my product doesn't pass WWA certification?

The testing lab provides you with a detailed report of the test results. You can fix any issues, and then resubmit the product for certification. There's an additional testing charge each time you resubmit your product for certification. For details, see Review the certification results.

WWA badge request

Q: My product is already certified, where can I request the WWA badge?

Request WWA badges for any new ASINs in the Alexa Certification Console. For details, see Request the Works with Alexa Badge.

Q: Can I display the WWA badge on Amazon detail pages for bundles that include my certified product?

Yes, you can display the WWA badge on the primary, variant, and bundle detail pages for your certified product.

Q: How long does it take for the WWA badge to display on my Amazon detail page after Amazon certifies my product?

After Amazon certifies your product and you've made your integration with Alexa live for customers in the intended marketplace, Amazon adds the WWA badge to your product detail page on the Amazon retail website. If you don't have an ASIN, the process to obtain one can take up to five weeks.

Q: Can I use the WWA badge on my product packaging and on my own website?

Yes, after your product receives certification and Amazon approves your badge request, you're eligible to use the WWA badge on your product packaging and other marketing materials. To use the badge on marketing materials, prior to publication, submit your materials to Amazon for review. For details, see Update your marketing materials.

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Last updated: Jul 02, 2024