Request the Works with Alexa Badge

After you submit your project for certification, you can request the Works with Alexa (WWA) badge. Amazon reviews your badge request for accuracy and approves or rejects your submission. A typical response time for the badge-request review is two days. You can request the badge during certification submission or at a later date. For details about the WWA program, see Works with Alexa Overview.


Before you submit the badge request, make sure that your product meets the Badge requirements.

Submit a badge request

If you have multiple Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) for the product, submit a badge request for each ASIN. You can also request the badge for any product variants. For example, if your television is now certified in the US, you can submit separate badge requests for each size and screen resolution for the specific product profile in the US.

To submit your product for the WWA Badge

  1. Sign in to the Alexa Certification Console.

  2. On the Certification page, choose the Product, and then, under ACTIONS choose Submit Badge.
  3. On the New Badge Request page, provide the following information.

    1. For Which program do you want to add the badge?, select Works with Alexa.
    2. For Which product do you want to add the badge?, choose your certified product from the list.
      Choose from products with approved certification and products submitted for certification.
    3. For Enter a retail identifier for this product, specify a UPC, EAN, JAN, or GTIN-14 identifier by selecting the identifier type from the list, and then enter the identifier code in the text box.
    4. For Enter an ASIN for this product, enter the ASIN corresponding to the product.
      Submit one ASIN at a time. If you have multiple ASINs for the product, submit a badge request for each ASIN. If you don't have an ASIN, register for one on your Amazon seller account.
    5. For If this request is for a product bundle, does the bundle include any of these devices?, select all that apply.
    6. For When should this badge go live?, choose whether you want the badge as soon as possible or on a specific date.
    7. For Select the marketplaces where you want the badge on your product, select all marketplaces that apply.
      The marketplaces that you selected in your certification submission appear. The ASIN must be live in the marketplace to receive badge approval.
  4. After you have verified your information, to apply for the badge, choose Submit.
    Or, to save your data and continue later, choose Save.

Track the status of your request

After Amazon approves your badge request, the badge status is Pending until your project receives WWA certification. You can view your badge request on the Badges page and track the status of your certification request in the BADGE STATUS column. If Amazon rejects your badge request, they provide the reasons why and what actions you must take to resubmit the badge request. Review the rejection reasons in the Alexa Certification Console. Amazon notifies you by email when the status changes.

Badge Status

A badge request goes through the following statuses:

  • Not Submitted – You created a badge request, but you haven't submitted the request yet.
  • Under Review – Amazon reviews the eligibility of your request. For example, the product model and brand name must match the ASIN listing on the Amazon retail website. If you have an associated skill, that skill must be published in the Alexa Skills Store.
  • Pending – Amazon completed the review and approves your badge request. The badge remains in the pending state until your certification project completes and your product receives certification.
  • Enabled – After your product receives certification, Amazon enables the badge on your product detail page on the Amazon retail website.
  • Rejected – Amazon reviewed the badge request and determined that your product isn't eligible for the WWA badge. See details about the reason for the rejected status in the Comments section on the Badge Details page.

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Last updated: Mar 26, 2024