Works with Alexa Certification Status Tracking

The following are the stages of your certification request as it goes through the Works with Alexa (WWA) certification process. Allocate at least one month or more for the certification process.

  • Intake Review – Amazon is reviewing the eligibility of your certification request (2 days).
  • Pending Quote – The testing facility is generating a price quote (2 days).
  • Quote Approval Required – The testing facility is waiting for approval of the quote (2 days).
  • Pending Device Delivery – The testing facility is waiting to receive your device.
  • Under Test – The testing facility is testing your device (10 days).
  • Results Under Review – The testing facility has finished testing your device and sent the results to Amazon. Amazon is reviewing the results (2 days).
  • Complete – Amazon has finished reviewing the results and either approved or rejected your certification request.
  • On Hold – The certification request is on hold pending further investigation.
  • Cancelled – You cancelled the certification request.
  • Intake Rejected – Amazon reviewed the request and determined that it's not eligible for WWA certification.
  • Not Submitted – You haven't submitted the product for certification yet.