Works with Alexa Certification Requirements

Products eligible for Works with Alexa (WWA) certification must adhere to stringent requirements. Review the following requirements before you submit your product for certification.

These requirements apply to products that connect to Alexa with an Alexa smart home skill, the Alexa Connect Kit (ACK), local wireless connection protocols, and local control (hubs). The requirements also apply to products that have Alexa built-in.

For general guidelines about the Works with Alexa program and how to submit your product for testing, see Works with Alexa Overview.

Works with Alexa program guidelines

To be eligible to apply for WWA certification, your product must comply with the Works with Alexa Program Guidelines.

Certification requirements

Determine which certification requirements apply to your product. Before you submit your product for WWA certification, make sure that your product meets the applicable requirements.

In addition, make sure that your product follows the Works with Alexa Security Best Practices.

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Last updated: Jul 01, 2024