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Why Dash Buttons?

Dash Buttons are shortcuts for Prime members to quickly find and reorder their favorite products from Amazon. With our easy-to-use SDK, you can take advantage of Amazon’s authentication and payment systems, customer service, and fulfillment network to offer your customers easy shopping at their fingertips.

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How it works

VDBS exposes a JavaScript SDK through an Amazon-hosted endpoint to third-party webrendering engines. This JS SDK is used for customizing and obtaining Dash Button UI components (e.g., HTML, CSS), performing Dash Button-related data operations and leveraging core Dash Button UX business logic (e.g., JavaScript events).While some use cases may require using VDBS REST APIs directly, it is recommended you take advantage of the JS SDK. Additionally, secure access tokens obtained through Amazon’s separate LWA (Login with Amazon) service are required for any data related operations through VDBS.

Frequently asked questions
What is Virtual Dash Button Service (VDBS)?

Amazon’s Virtual Dash Button Service (VDBS) enables connected screened devices to display Amazon’s Virtual Dash Button experience for their customers. Dash Buttons are personalized shortcuts for Amazon Prime members to quickly find and reorder their favorite everyday products. Dash Buttons allow customers to view product details and place 1-click orders on tens of millions of products that ship with Prime. By using VDBS, device makers are able to leverage Amazon’s authentication and payment systems, customer service, and fulfillment network—giving their customers access to Amazon’s low prices, great selection, and reliable delivery, with the tap of a button.

How do I get started with VDBS?

To start your integration with Amazon Virtual Dash Button Service, request information by emailing to provide us with information about your device and use-case. VDBS will be publically available in the coming months.

What capabilities does my device need to utilize VDBS?

VDBS can be integrated into any device that can connect to the Internet, either directly or through a proxy. The VDBS JavaScript SDK is optimized for web rendering engines supporting ECMAScript 2015, HTML5 and CSS3.

How is VDBS different from the Dash Replenishment Service (DRS)?

Both VDBS and DRS allow Amazon customers to easily reorder everyday products. Amazon’s Virtual Dash Buttons are optimized for screened devices which can display product information and help customers order their everyday products. DRS is optimized for devices where an item being ordered is associated with the device itself (e.g., a printer that orders ink, or a washing machine that orders detergent). DRS does not require a screen for rendering UI elements.

Is VDBS only for large manufacturers?

No. We want to work with device makers of all sizes, from large corporations to start-ups.

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Who uses VDBS?