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Amazon Music TV App

HTML5 TV Integration Guide


The Amazon Music HTML5 app is built for big screen partners with smart TVs and similar devices. This app is hosted on the Amazon side and can be distributed by engaging with the Amazon Music Partner Program.

HTML5 App screenshot of stations

HTML5 App screenshot of Feel-Good Classic Rock station

Features Supported

  • All Amazon Music tiers (Free, Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited)
  • SD quality audio with OPUS codecs is supported
  • DRM is required for all devices:
  • Keyboard support:
    • Keyboard built-in to the app
    • No support for native keyboards today
    • No support for point and click navigation
  • Logins are authenticated using Login with Amazon (LWA) with Code Based Linking (CBL)
  • All modern day browsers are supported with JS ES5 and later
    • Recommended with Chromium >=66
  • Memory Usage:
    • Recommended memory size is 1 gb of device RAM.
    • Runtime memory usage on a desktop browser is around 300mb
    • App size is around 2 mb
  • App uses a media player that is built and maintained by Amazon Music
  • Regions supported:
    • US
    • UK
  • All big screen resolutions 720, 1080, 2K and 4K are supported
720 1280 x 720
1080 1920 x 1080
2k 2048 x 1080
4k 4096 x 2160

Partner Engagement

The Amazon Music Partner Program enables Amazon Music in the home, on the road, and everywhere in-between with easy-to-integrate mechanisms that allow our customers to access their music on devices they already own. This program enables our customers to access Amazon Music services from a wide variety of devices, delivering on Amazon’s goal to enable access everywhere. The program has been available to our partners since March 2015.

Amazon Music works with our partners, guiding them through every step of the integration process. In the first phase, we help Partners scope and prioritize the project. In the second phase, a Solution Architect from the Amazon Music team is assigned to work with the Partner; exploration and gap analysis is performed. In the third phase, the app is built, tested for quality assurance, and put through certification testing. Then the app is launched. After launch, an Amazon Music Solution Architect continues to be available to Partners for any post-launch issues.

Integration/Usage Details

To test the actual app on your big screens, an Amazon Music Solution Architect can provide you with a Demo App URL for feasibility testing.

To identify codecs supported on your big screen device, please use the test bed. Once tested, please work with Amazon Music Solution Architect to fill in gaps as needed.


The Solution Architect will provide certification self-test cases. The test cases must be executed, and the results submitted to Amazon Music for validation before launch.