Build the Skill Model for Your Alexa Conversations Skill

As with other Alexa skills, you must build your skill model before you can test it. For Alexa Conversations skills, the skill model includes an interaction model and an Alexa Conversations model.

Build the skill model

As you create and edit your Alexa Conversations skill, you save your work by clicking Save in the header bar. This action saves your skill model but doesn't build it. Your skill model must build successfully before you can test your skill.

For an Alexa Conversations skill, the skill model build process includes the interaction model, a "light" Alexa Conversations model, and a "full" Alexa Conversations model.

To build the skill model

  1. Log in to the developer console, and then navigate to your Alexa Conversations skill.
  2. At the top, click the Build tab.
  3. Click Build Model.
    The light build typically takes between five and ten minutes. More complex models might take longer. When the light build succeeds, a Light Alexa Conversations Build Successful status message appears in the lower right.

    When the full build completes, which is typically between 10 to 20 minutes after the light build completes, a Full Build Successful status message appears in the lower right.

    If either build fails, the build status message contains information about the errors. For a list of possible errors, see Alexa Conversations Errors.

    You can use the Alexa Simulator to test your skill. For details, see Test Skills in the Alexa Developer Console. You can also use the Alexa Simulator to debug your Alexa Conversations skill model. For details, see Debug an Alexa Conversations Skill Model.

  4. (Optional) If you want to make changes to your skill while a build is running, make your changes and then click Restart Build. This action saves the skill, cancels the current build, and starts a new build.

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2024