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Amazon Music Device API

Language Localization

In order to properly localize for language, we follow the RFC 7231, section 5.3.5: Accept-Language standard. To specify a language, simply submit the language code desired as the value of the Accept-Language request header. The following languages are supported by our API:

Language Accept-Language Code
German de-de
Australian English en-au
Canadian English en-ca
British English en-gb
Indian English en-in
New Zealand English en-nz
American English en-us
Spanish (Castilian) es-es
Spanish (Mexican) es_mx
French (Canadian) fr-ca
French fr-fr
Italian it-it
Japanese ja-jp
Portuguese (Brazillian) pt-br

Many mobile libraries include these headers by default as defined by the mobile operating system. Whether or not a library is including these headers, we recommend client applications check their request headers to ensure they conform to the RFC 7231 standard. Clients should request the language matching their UI display language in order to provide the most seamless customer experience.