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Frustration-Free Setup

Build Zero-Touch Setup & Reconnect Experiences Into Your Connected Device

What is Frustration-Free Setup (FFS)?

Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) is an Amazon program that enables you to incorporate technology to make device setup as easy for customers as opening a box and powering on a device. We’ve done the hard work behind the scenes to make the customer’s experience delightfully fast and straightforward. FFS integrates into most device types - including smart speakers, cameras, TVs, and health devices.

FFS offers two product solutions, simple setup and simple reconnect. Simple setup simplifies initial device onboarding to a customer's network, whereas simple reconnect keeps your devices connected to a customer's network when password or network names change.

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Why Frustration-Free Setup?

Increase customer satisfaction

Help increase your product star ratings by simplifying complicated steps for network connectivity.

Reduce customer service calls

Cut down on steps for network connectivity, a top driver of customer care calls.

Increase device setup rates

Reduce the hassle of getting started with your product. Customers can start experiencing your device in as quickly as a few seconds.

How does it work?

FFS securely utilizes a network of helper or provisioner devices (such as compatible Echo devices, Fire TV devices, or routers) that are already connected to the internet. These provisioners help customers set up provisionee devices in fewer steps. When your customers turn on one of your devices purchased from, provisioner devices in the area can help it connect to the customer's network via Wi- Fi, Zigbee, or Bluetooth. Simple setup can then begin as soon as the customer powers on your device.

Customers are in control and can choose to simplify their setup experience from the checkout or from Manage Your Content and Devices on

FFS is the same underlying technology that powers a simplified setup on many Amazon devices, including Echo, FireTV, Fire tablet, and Kindle. With millions of Amazon provisioners already installed and able to set up your device, implementing Frustration-Free Setup can provide your customers with an even better setup experience.

How To Get Started


Learn about the steps to start integration and certification through the developer portal.

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Build with a range of software and hardware reference solutions, including SDKs, dev kits, modules, and ODM designs.

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Prepare your product for self-testing and become eligible for Amazon badges and marketing opportunities.

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Join Leading Brands Using Frustration-Free Setup

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From 15 Taps to Zero: With Alexa‘s Frustration-Free Setup, Setting Up TP-Link’s Smart Home Plugs is as Simple as Plugging Them In

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