Monitor Certification Testing

You can track the status of your Works with Alexa (WWA) certification request on the Certification page in the Alexa Certification Console. Allow at least one month for the certification process to complete.

Intake review

After you submit your project for certification, the WWA team reviews your request for WWA program eligibility, and then accepts or rejects the submission. The WWA team notifies you of either decision, and if rejected, they give you the rejection reasons and next steps, if applicable.

If the WWA team accepts your project certification submission, they assign the necessary test plans and test scope based on the following items:

  • The type of device and the method that you use to connect to Alexa.
  • The capabilities that your product supports.
  • The technical specifications of your product.
  • The marketplaces that you want the product certified in.

For a product that connects to Alexa with a smart home skill, the first time you seek WWA certification for your product, your skill undergoes functionality testing, user experience testing, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda function testing. This testing is separate from smart home skill certification. If an Alexa skill is part of your project, allow an additional five business days for WWA skill certification.

To receive WWA skill certification in additional Lambda regions, your skill must go through reduced but incremental testing. For details about Lambda regions, see Deploy Your Lambda Function to Multiple Regions.

Steps to monitor certification testing

To make sure that the certification testing process runs efficiently, complete the following steps.

  1. Review the test plans
  2. Accept the testing fee
  3. Monitor testing
  4. Review the test results

Step 1: Review the test plans

You can review and run the test plans that the facility runs. Your project page lists the test plans and test cases relevant to your project. The facility runs an expanded version of these test plans. You can download both versions of the test plans.

To view and download the test plans in the certification console

  1. Sign in to the Alexa Certification Console.
  2. On the left-hand menu, select Certification Requests.
  3. On the Certification page, navigate to your project, and then, under PROJECT ID, click the project.
  4. Scroll to Test Plans.
  5. To view the test cases for each test plan, click .
  6. To export the test plans, click Export.

To view the expanded set of test plans used by the testing facility

  1. On the left-hand menu, select Resources.
  2. Under Test Plans, click View.
  3. In the drop-down, choose WWA.
  4. Search for the test plans that are listed on your project page.
  5. To download a test plan, under DOWNLOAD, click Download.

Step 2: Accept the testing fee

Amazon contacts the third-party testing facility responsible for the product testing. A representative of the facility contacts you within 48 hours with a quote to cover the cost of testing. For an estimate of the cost, visit the WWA testing cost estimator. The testing provider supplies the price estimates for testing, not Amazon. Each time you submit a product for testing, you must pay a fee to the testing facility. The testing facility determines the fee based on the scope of your product.

After you pay the fee, the testing facility provides instructions to send the product to their location for testing. Send the product as soon as possible. Include instructions on how to use your product, such as a user guide, when you ship it to the testing facility. You can provide either a physical or digital copy.

Step 3: Monitor testing

After the testing facility receives the product, they follow the test plan required for your product to make sure that it meets the WWA quality bar. After the testing facility completes testing, they provide you with a copy of the results and send the results to the WWA team for review. Allow at least ten business days for the facility to complete testing of your product.

During certification testing, there may be actions that require your attention before testing can resume.

To view certification projects awaiting your action

  1. On the left-hand menu, select Action Required.
  2. On the Action Required page, to view the projects that require retesting, click the Re-test Required tab.
    Or, to view the projects that are rejected, click the Intake Rejected tab.
  3. To view the actions required for a project, under PROJECT ID, click the project ID.
  4. To view the reason for the retest or intake rejected status, on the Project Details page, scroll to the Comments section.

Step 4: Review the test results

The WWA team reviews your test results and approves or rejects your submission. The team notifies you of either decision. If rejected, the WWA team notifies you with the rejection reasons and how to proceed. A typical response time for the review is two business days.

If your product doesn't pass the test plan, the testing facility provides a list of failures so that you can take steps to correct the issues. Review your test results in the Alexa Certification Console.

Certification stages

You can track the status of your certification request on the Certification page in the STATUS column. When the status changes, the WWA team notifies you by email.

During the certification process, a certification request goes through the following stages:

  • Not Submitted – You created a certification request, but you haven't submitted the request yet.
  • Intake Review – The WWA team reviews the eligibility of your certification request and notifies you of either decision (2 business days).
  • Pending Quote – The testing facility reviews the request and generates a price quote (2 business days).
  • Quote Approval Required – The testing facility waits for your approval of the quote.
  • Pending Device Delivery – The testing facility waits to receive your device to start testing.
  • Under Test – The testing facility tests your device (10 business days).
  • Results Under Review – The testing facility completed testing your device and sends the results to Amazon to review (2 business days).
  • On Hold – The certification request is on hold due to one of the following reasons:
    • Your request is pending further review by Amazon.
    • You submitted multiple certification requests. Here, the WWA team assigns a representative sample for testing and puts the other certification requests on hold until testing completes. You might see additional details about the reason for the project hold status in the Comments section on the Project Details page.
  • Completed – The WWA team completed the review and either approves or rejects your certification request.
  • Intake Rejected – The WWA team reviews the certification request and determines that your product isn't eligible for WWA certification. See details about the reason for the rejected status in the Comments section on the Project Details page.
  • Cancelled – You cancelled the certification request.

Resubmit your project for testing

If your product doesn't pass the test plan, you can make changes, and then resubmit your project.

To resubmit your product for testing

  1. In the Alexa Certification Console, open the Certification Requests page, and then click the project ID.
  2. On the Project Details page, to create a new testing request, choose Test Again.
  3. To retest your product, choose Submit.
    Or, to cancel your testing request, choose Cancel.
    Or, to save your data and continue later, choose Save.

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Last updated: Mar 26, 2024