Use flowcharts and user stories to represent a skill

Here are the main symbols to use in your flowcharts.


The key idea behind creating flowcharts is that they can help you zoom-in and out conceptually for different aspects of your skill design, and align your design to the storyboard.

So, you can represent your skill implementation as a set of flowcharts that cover your full storyboard.

Now is a good time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of my modules must have visuals?
  • Should I make any changes to the Alexa speech response when visuals are included?
  • What visuals will I display on screen for each situation?
  • When and where should I add touch input?

Pick a Move module flowchart

Take a look at the flowchart of the Pick a Move module.


The visuals for the module Pick a Move appear after the following events:

  • When the skill launches (for example, board displays for the first time)
  • After the board updates internally
  • After every check whether you have an outcome for the game
  • After the user gives an illegal move and the relevant check

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