Sirena Technologies’ CEO Hariharan Bojan talks about how consumer electronics will be powered by voice interfaces

Sohan Maheshwar Feb 03, 2020
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Sirena Technologies is a company that specializes in bringing Alexa to end products for third-parties. Having integrated Alexa into consumer electronics like speakers and other home appliances, CEO Hariharan Bojan talks about how people now want a voice interface in every aspect of their lives and that we are moving towards an ambient computing future.

Voice Interfaces Not Limited to Only Speakers and Soundbars

Hariharan spoke about how portable speakers, soundbars and set-top boxes have Alexa integrations now. For instance, customers can switch channels, change the volume and even see program guides via their voice. They even have clients in India who are integrating Alexa into their water heaters and purifiers

Deeper Interactions via Voice

Interacting with a water purifier over voice isn’t only about switching the device on and off. Hariharan gives an example of how a customer can register a service request for their purifier to be repaired via voice. This paradigm is powerful if you consider that Alexa supports Hindi and multi-lingual mode.

Alexa On-The-Go

Thanks to the proliferation of 4G devices, we are getting closer to the idea of Alexa everywhere. Hariharan gives the example of auto manufacturers who have Alexa embedded into cars which makes hands-free and voice first interactions with your technology so much easier when driving.

An Ambient Computing Future

Recently, Mark Cuban spoke about the future of ambient computing and how voice will power it. Hariharan echoes similar thoughts when he says we will be using voice to interact with our personal computing and home appliances.

See the rest of the interview where Hariharan also talks about building educational robots and bipeds that are powered by voice. Don’t miss the part where he talks about how a robot taught an entire class of school kids and how they reacted to it.

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