Hear from Cosine Labs about How Voice Is the New Interface for Smart Home Devices

Sohan Maheshwar Jan 06, 2020
Smart Home Skills Inspiration Spotlight India

Siddharth Banerjee is the CEO and cofounder of Cosine Labs – a product development company that provides smart living solutions in homes, hospitality and commercial buildings. I interviewed him to talk about the application of voice in smart homes and how voice has fundamentally changed the interface that people use to interact with smart home devices. Here are few excerpts from our chat:    

Voice Enables Tech Access to the Entire Household

Siddharth spoke about how households have people in all age groups - from kids to the elderly. When it comes to using appliances, voice is the interface that enables easy access. He also said that in their experience over the last few years, kids and the elderly are the ones that use Alexa the most and mentioned the reasons behind it as well.


Unification of Devices in Your Home

When it comes to a truly smart home, it’s not just lights and fans but also devices such as a video doorbells, gas-leak detectors and more. Until recently, users had to control each of these devices using different apps on their phone. This proved to be a clunky and cumbersome experience. A voice interface on the other hand, enables users to automate multiple commands by setting up Routines. It’s as easy as saying something like “Alexa, I am home”. Voice provides this interoperability between the different smart devices in a home. 


Smart Home Market in India Is Poised to Grow

Reduced price points, more options, robust hardware and a voice interface to tie it all together. The smart home market in India is poised to grow multifold in the next few years. Siddharth talks about the future of smart home, specifically in India and the opportunities that lie ahead.


Voice is the most natural interface for smart home devices as it provides an interface that’s intuitive and easy to use, the likes of which we have not seen before. Alexa also provides a unified interface so that different devices can communicate with each other, making your home truly smart. Watch the video below to watch the rest of the interview:


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