Hear Agrahyah Technologies CEO Sreeraman Thiagarajan’s Insights on Building a Successful Voice Agency

Sohan Maheshwar Feb 11, 2020
Inspiration Spotlight
Finding the Right Use Cases Is Critical

Sreeraman spoke about how finding mission-critical use cases is paramount if you want to build an agency that works with brands and enterprises.

Three-Pronged Approach

When working with SBI Life Insurance – a leading life insurance company in India, Agrahyah adopted a three-pronged approach to building the brand via an Alexa skill – Information, Service and Delight. Sreeraman talks about each of these phases and how it evolved in the SBI Life Insurance skill.

The Right Pitch

There are many web and mobile agencies who haven’t yet transitioned to offering services in Voice. Sreeraman gives some advice on how to approach that problem and what the most common mistake is when you pitch a voice experience to a new client.

From a Jokes Skill to a Connected Car Experience

From building one of the highest rated Skills on the India Skill Store to now working on a Connected Car experience, Agrahyah has done it all. Here Sreeraman talks about the different experiences they have built and how an Alexa Everywhere future looks.

Watch the interview in its entirety here as Sreeraman also talks about creating Voice-first content for brands, unlearning traditional user interfaces, and a lot more.

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