Klove Chef shares insights about bringing voice to the culinary world

Sohan Maheshwar Jan 05, 2020
International Inspiration Spotlight India

I recently sat down with Deepak Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer and investor in Klove Chef – a startup specializing in culinary AI, to talk about how they built Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes (link)- a popular skill in the India skill store. Deepak spoke at length about the intuitiveness of voice interfaces and how it forms the perfect fit to assist someone with recipes while cooking. Here are some snippets from our chat:

Voice is a Frictionless Interface

Deepak spoke about how following a recipe in a book or app has friction points, whereas voice provided a frictionless interface for those who want help with their cooking.

Conversations at the Core

It’s important to keep voice design principles in mind while building a skill. Deepak breaks down some of the principles that Klove Chef followed while building their skill. These include tips on how Alexa’s conversations should be short and digestible. The skill should also be able to answer questions about something it has just spoken.

Start with Humans and Not Computers

Thoughtful conversational design is at the core of Klove Chef’s products. To test out their skills’ voice design, Klove Chef tried innovative strategies including simulating conversations between a user and Alexa, over the phone. Deepak also talks about the reasoning behind this.

Food is a Multimodal Experience

The best skills rely on a multimodal experience to interact with their users. So, how do you augment a user's experience with audio and visual cues, when it comes to food? Here are some excellent insights

Deepak and I spoke about a range of other topics including - how brands can use voice to engage with their audiences as well as the future of voice in the food tech space. Here’s the interview in its entirety:

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