Alexa Student Influencers

Alexa Student Influencer Program

The Alexa Student Influencers Program is a campus connect program that aims to form a network of like-minded students across India. Alexa Student Influencers (ASI) are young campus ambassadors and leaders passionate to learn new technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Voice Technologies, and enthusiastic to share their learnings with fellow colleagues. ASIs will act as the primary conduit between campus students and Amazon Alexa team.

Alexa Student Influencers are leaders who have a craving to learn new technologies in AI and Voice Technologies, and also share it with their fellow student colleagues.

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Alexa Student Influencers Program Benefits

  • Training programs on Alexa Skills with exclusive access to Alexa Skills Technologists
  • Exclusive goodies in the form of T-Shirts, Alexa Devices, AWS Credits
  • Early preview to Alexa Beta Feature and Products (under NDA)
  • Letter of appreciation from Amazon
  • Internship opportunity at Amazon subject to other criteria involving technical expertise
  • Accelerated path to join the Alexa Champions Program
  • External speakership and workshop opportunities

Responsibilities as Alexa Student Influencers

  • Build custom, high quality skills for Alexa customers
  • Perform as the Alexa technical architect for campus students to address their queries
  • Evangelize and mentor campus students on Alexa skill building
  • Organize student meetups, hackathons, and workshops on Alexa skills
  • Build relationships with faculty and student groups on voice-tech and Alexa
  • Be the single point of contact on campus for queries related to Amazon Alexa

Alexa Student Influencers

Aditya Channe (Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar)

I am a tech enthusiast. I believe voice is the next big revolution and I am trying to build a community of Alexa developers to join this upcoming transformation.

Ashish Jha (Cluster Innovation Center, Delhi)

I am a devotee of the voice-first paradigm, an Alexa Skills hackathon winner, consultant developer, and a community influencer, trying to bridge the gap between different stakeholders of the Alexa ecosystem.

Siddharth Jain (Chandigarh University)

I am a tech enthusiast who believes conversational AI is the next disruption in technology. I am trying to build a community of students building voice experiences with Alexa.

Nikhil Mulchandani (Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, Surat)

I am an Alexa Skill Developer supporting the vision of Alexa Everywhere by building skills for Alexa customers and evangelizing building skills for Alexa to the student developer community in campuses.

Tannmay S Gupta (Vellore Institute of Technology)

I am a budding user experience and voice interface designer from a computer science background. I believe designs create cultures, cultures shape values and values define who we are and what we will be.

Divyansh Choudhary (Indian Institute of Technology - Indore)

I am a firm believer in the future of voice technology and its potential to make people's life convenient. Analogous to my belief, I aim to build a community of Alexa skill developers in Indore.

Motukuri Rama Satyanarayana (Pragati Engineering College)

I am a competitive coder and continuous learner. I believe voice is the next big change, and I am happy to work with like-minded people in the field of Voice User Interfaces and Alexa.

Sanidhya Mangal (Medi-Caps University)

I believe in the voice-first paradigm and that voice-tech is the next big revolution. I aim to build a community of Alexa skill developers in India, and begun my journey towards my goal by setting up an Alexa developer community at my campus.

Mohd Shoaib Rayeen (Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi)

I am an Alexa skill developer. I believe that voice is the future of technology. I am building a community of Alexa developers that can improve the lifestyle of Alexa customers, by designing engaging voice experiences.

Shourya Jaiswal (Manipal Institute of Technology)

I am a tech-enthusiast and like to dribble with a variety of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and software development. I believe voice is the next milestone to interactive user experience.

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