Give Your Brand A Voice With Alexa

Jessica Plumbe Aug 05, 2020
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Voice interfaces have changed how people interact with technology and services. Customers use Alexa billions of times each week through hundreds of millions of Alexa devices, whether that be in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, cars, or on the go. They use voice in place of mobile devices, and in situations where they used no device previously.


We spoke with Australian and New Zealand brands to share their experience about building for voice. They’re reaching and delighting customers through Alexa devices, and helping to redefine the way their customers interact with their brands.


Hear how brands like Coca-Cola Australia explore the role of voice in the path to purchase, Australia's leading energy company AGL have seen “incredible” Net Promoter Scores from customers using the AGL Skill, and FOX SPORTS reached new fans with their sports news skills. Learn how Nova Entertainment is using Alexa to change the way people listen to radio, and how Australia’s #1 food site, is using voice to transform the kitchen with their recipe skill.


Watch this video to learn more about how they are giving their brand a voice with Alexa:

Tune in to learn from, and be inspired by their stories. Meet the brands building for Alexa


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