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Amazon Music Device API


The Suggest endpoint is used to give auto-completed search suggestions to the user based on what they are typing.

URL : suggestions/

Method : GET

Auth required : YES

Query Parameters

Name Data Type Required Description
keywords string Yes The keyword string to search for
size integer No The maximum number of suggestions to return


The keywords parameter is used to pass what the user is typing to the API. The parameter size can also be passed to indicate the max number of suggestions returned. The API returns a maximum number of 10. If a larger size is specified, it will return only 10.

A sample request and its response:

    "suggestions": [
        { "term": "hello" },
        { "term": "hello adele" },
        { "term": "helloween" },
        { "term": "hello in there john prine" },
        { "term": "hello lionel richie" },
        { "term": "hello its me todd rundgren" },
        { "term": "hello in there" },
        { "term": "hello goodbye beatles" },
        { "term": "hello darlin conway twitty" },
        { "term": "hello stranger barbara lewis" }
    "version": "1.1"