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Introduction to Linear Television Integration

Fire TV offers a variety of live browse, voice, and search experiences to help customers discover and enjoy the content they love. The live TV integration is primarily focused on helping your existing customers experience live TV (programs scheduled in a 24/7 linear feed) in a content-forward way.

Live TV Features on Fire TV

After completing a linear integration with your app, the following features will be available across all Fire TV devices when a customer installs and authenticates your application. (Note that the "Live" tab is not available in all marketplaces).

Linear content tiles on the Home tab display the current programming information for each linear feed:

Linear content tiles on the Home tab

Linear content tiles on the Live tab show the current programming information:

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Linear content tiles on the Live tab show the current programming information:

Linear content tiles on the Live tab

Integrated channel guide with 14 days of programming appears for each channel:

Integrated channel guide showing 14 days

Users can search for station and programming information for the next 14 days:

Search for station/programming information

Alexa support for "Tune to <channel_name>" is available:

Tune to channel name

Users can favorite and manage channels within the browse experiences:

Favorite and manage channels

All browse, search, and voice ingress points listed above have the option to have playback handled in the native live TV application or initiated via deeplinks.

Certification Checklist

Amazon will be using the following checklist as to certify your application as Live TV integrated. Your application's implementation directly impacts the expected behavior points below. Note that any exceptions to the certification will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Entitlement State Changes

  • Customer-entitled channels populate in the Fire TV UI (for example, "On Now" row, Channel Guide) after a customer performs one of the following: (1) opens and signs into the application or (2) accesses the application's setting page when going to Settings > Live TV > Sync Sources > <Application Name>.
  • If a customer's membership expires (that is, turns to an "unentitled" status), the channels will continue to be part of the Fire TV UI until a customer ingresses into a channel, views the pay wall, and backs out or declines the offer.
  • Channels will be removed from the Fire TV UI when the application is uninstalled or if those channels become unentitled.

Browse and Playback Experience

  • A rich metadata experience will be available when customers are focused on a channel. In the linear TV guide, the channel will include the channel logo, channel number (optional), and scheduling information for the next 14 days. Program metadata includes the program name, time of playback, episode name, episode description (long), season & episode information, closed captions, rating program image (16:9), and background image (16:9). This metadata information should come from Gracenote matches or metadata that is pushed as part of the TV contract.
  • When a customer focuses on a channel in the "On Now" row, he or she can see a live channel preview that replaces the background image.
  • A customer should understand who is is providing this entitled channel. This includes adding provider attribution as either part of the background image (monochrome, 34 px height) or as a splash screen prior to live channel preview playback.
  • Selecting a channel will bring the customer to a full-screen playback. The Back button will eventually return to the Fire TV UI.
  • A PIN prompt will show prior to playback if Parental Controls (PCON) is enabled. Live channel preview must be disabled if PCON is enabled.
  • Reduce the audio volume of live playback if Alexa is accessed; video is expected to continue.
  • A PIN prompt will show prior to playback if PCON is enabled. Live channel preview must be disabled if PCON is enabled.
  • Audio of live playback must be muted if Alexa is accessed; video is expected to continue.
  • (Optional) A genre can be attributed to a channel so the channel will show up in additional ingress points in the Fire TV UI.

Development, Staging, and Deployment

  • Amazon must have the ability to whitelist specific accounts to review and certify the integrated experience before going to production.
  • Only entitled channels are added Fire TV UI in the marketplaces that both parties have agreed to launch. Subsequent launches in new marketplaces will constitute as a new certification review and require whitelisting.
  • Amazon must understand any channels that are added and removed post-launch. Both parties must agree on a maximum limit on channels added.
  • (Highly recommended) The download page and release notes of the application should mention live TV integration so that customers understand the new feature availability on Fire TV.