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May 24, 2013

Mike Hines

Today we announced Engagement Reports, a free zero-integration service that provides data on app usage. This has been a popular request from developers, who want to better understand how customers interact with their apps. Engagement Reports include daily and monthly active devices, installs, sessions, average revenue per device, and retention. Each report can be filtered by marketplace, viewed in chart form, or downloaded as a CSV.

You can find the Engagement Reports within the “Reporting” tab of the Mobile App Distribution Portal. The full list of Engagement Reports is:

  • Overview: A summary of key usage data for your app or game
  • Average Revenue: Daily and Monthly Average Revenue per Device (ARPD) and Average Revenue per Paid User (ARPPU) for In-App Items
  • Retention: Daily Retention for days 1-3-7 and Weekly Retention for weeks 1-2-3
  • Active Devices: Daily Active Devices (DAD), Monthly Active Devices (MAD), and Sticky Factor (DAD/MAD)
  • Sessions: Total Daily Sessions and Average Sessions Per Device
  • App Installs: Daily Installs and Uninstalls

Engagement Reports are available for apps submitted and published after October 25, 2012. If you haven’t updated your app since then, you’ll need to republish or submit an update before data can be collected. No other action is required. Engagement Reports include data from the Kindle Fire HD, the new Kindle Fire, and Android devices that use the latest version of our store.

 How to access and view your Engagement Reports

From within the Distribution Portal, you can access Engagement Reports by selecting “Reporting” (1) and then “Engagementbeta” (2). Or, click here to go directly to Engagement Reports.

Engagement Reports are separated into three sections. (3) Criteria Selection: Allows you to select the app, date range, and marketplace. Engagement Reports default to your first app in an alphabetically sorted list and display the most recent 14 days of data. (4) Report Selection: Allows you to select from five different reports: Overview, Active Devices, Sessions, ARPD (In-App Items), and Retention. (5) The Overview report highlights key performance metrics such as Daily Active Devices and 1-Day Retention across a selectable date range and lifetime totals for your app or game.

Criteria Selection, Report Selection, Overview report

The example image below shows the Active Devices report (6) with a graph of Daily Active Devices (DAD) and Monthly Active Devices (MAD) over a 14 day period.

Active Devices report, FAQ

Developers that want to learn more about each report, including how data is collected, can review the Engagement Reports FAQ (7).

We encourage you to explore Engagement Reports and provide feedback via the “Send Feedback” link on the Engagement Reports page.