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Amazon Moments - Delight Your Customers with Rewards on Amazon

Amazon Moments

Learn how to drive high-value actions and delight your customers with digital and physical items delivered through Amazon

Engage every customer

Amazon Moments allows you to deliver physical and digital items to your customers in over 100 countries. Increase engagement by offering tailored rewards delivered by Amazon when customers reach actions that matter in your apps and websites. When using Moments, apps across industries have seen improvements in engagement — in gaming, one developer increased their percentage of first time payers by 20x. A streaming video service offered $10 worth of physical rewards and doubled the likelihood of winning back a subscriber.

Rewards at the scale of Amazon

Fulfillment at a global scale

Amazon Moments has a global footprint paired with first-rate customer service for your users in over 100+ countries.

Deep selection

Choose from a wide variety of rewards with products sold on Amazon. Electronics, digital content, toys, health and beauty, and more.

Safe & secure

Amazon works hard to earn and keep customer trust. We have also built abuse and fraud detection in the event users try to “game the system.”

Promote your campaign

  • Use this Amazon badge in your Moments campaigns to convey award-winning customer service and global fulfillment
  • Communicate with your customers through social media, emails, push notifications, ads, and in-app messages

What companies are saying about Moments

Disney Heroes Battle Mode


“We tested Amazon Moments alongside our normal user acquisition and were impressed with its returns - we increased net revenue 6.8x by offering players $5 Amazon credit for reaching Team Level 15 in the game. The integration was simple and quick for our dev team to implement. We're looking forward to trying Amazon Moments again in the future both as an acquisition and retention tool.”

— Andy Jennings, User Acquisition Manager, PerBlue

Sago Mini


“Our Moments campaign really resonated with our user base and helped drive a 296% increase in downloads for one of our legacy titles. We also appreciated being one of the early partners for the Moments program. It was a unique experiment that allowed us to speak to and reward our digital customers, as well as build awareness around our physical toys.”

— Nick Shim, Director of Digital Products, Sago Mini



"Amazon was a terrific supporter of TikTok during our recent New Year campaign, wherein we were an early adopter of Amazon's merch solutions. TikTok continues to work closely with them on innovative marketing initiatives like Amazon Moments while expanding our global footprint."

— TikTok