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Engage your players with competitions.

What is Amazon GameOn?

Amazon GameOn is a set of flexible APIs that allow you to build cross-platform competitions into your games that drive engagement and increase monetization. With GameOn, you have an easy tool to strengthen your fanbase with leaderboards and leagues, awarding in-game prizes, and enabling streamers to play with their followers with a simple click.

Increase your ROI

Increase player retention and revenue with cross-platform competitive game play, including leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round tournaments.



Grow your community

Unite your players, no matter what device they play on, in fun and engaging game experiences.

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Keep your players coming back

Reward your players with in-game items.

GameOn Features

In-game prizes

Reward your players with in-game prizes.

Flexible competition creation

Create new or recurring leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round tournaments for both single and team gameplay.

User-generated competitions

Allow players to create and manage their own leaderboards and competitions.

Break through on Twitch

Build interactive experiences that brings viewers and creators together with our Twitch extension.

Easy management with the GameOn console

Manage competitions with ease and access reporting on player behavior.

Keep competitions fun and fair

Define entry requirements such as geographic location, device type, player skill level, and more.

Engage fans at events

Create competitions at events like gaming conventions, music festivals, and meetups.

Register your game today!

Sign in with your Amazon Developer account for access to the GameOn APIs and register your game. If you don't already have a developer account, creating one is easy and free.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

"We were particularly drawn to the real-world prizing aspect of GameOn. In-game tournaments drive player engagements, and prizing creates a stronger incentive for players to participate. Administering real-world rewards is complex and Amazon makes the logistics easy and seamless."

— Jesse Cherry, Senior Product Lead, nWay

Gear Club

"Eden Games are big believers in skill-based competitive gaming and in the fact that mobile represents a gigantic democratization opportunity in the discovery process of the next eSports/Motorsports champions around the world. It is fantastic to find a solid and powerful partner like Amazon to be so aligned with our vision and deliver the tools we need to cross the bridge, right at the moment we wanted to cross it."

— Pascal Clarysse, CMO, Eden Games

Beach Buggy Racing 2

"GameOn made it really easy for us to incorporate Tournament play into Beach Buggy Racing 2 at launch. Weekly Tournaments have become a critical piece of our retention and engagement mechanic. We've even noticed an uptick in IAP conversions, up to 2x higher between players who participate in GameOn tournaments vs those who don’t."

— Matt Small, CEO/Creative Director/Co-Founder, Vector Unit Inc.