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Level Up with Amazon

Built to scale on AWS, Amazon's cross-platform gaming services let you focus your time on designing engaging games, not building back-end infrastructure.


Monetize Your Game

With In-App Purchasing, you can sell digital content—such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and more—within your Kindle Fire game. Mobile Ads also helps you monetize your free users, with high-quality brand advertising on your Kindle and Android apps. And, with Mobile Associates, you can offer physical and digital products in games distributed through Amazon and other Android stores. This allows you to sell things like t-shirts, stickers, characters, and other related items within your app, earning up to 6% advertising fees on purchases made through your games, via the popular Amazon Associates program.

Distribute PC, Mac, or HTML5 Games

Amazon App Distribution enables you to offer your PC, Mac, Web, Kindle Fire, and Android games and goods on Amazon. Your games get detail pages so they can be discovered and purchased by millions of Amazon shoppers.

Design & Develop

Engage Gamers on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

GameCircle and Whispersync for Games are now available for all iOS and Android devices. When you integrate GameCircle, customers can seamlessly play games and interact with other gamers across any mobile device. The services are free to use and provide everything you need to implement achievements, leaderboards, and saved game syncing on mobile devices, regardless of platform.

Develop Faster with Cross-Platform Game Engines

Amazon provides plug-ins and extensions, including the Amazon GameCircle Unity Plugin, the Amazon IAP Unity Plug-in, and the Amazon IAP Adobe Air ANE, that make cross-platform development easier.