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December 18, 2013

Amazon Says Its Appstore Is Just Like A Pizza Parlor

Have you developed a game for the Amazon Appstore? Perhaps your still on the fence? If so, Amazon has a new infographic that should help you understand why it thinks you should be developing for its platform. In a new infographic released today called “Amazon Appstore’s Developer Parlor,” the retailer compares its digital app platform to a pizza parlor. Why? Well, it reasons that the process of making a pizza from scratch is similar to developing an app. Wait, what?

App Developer Magazine

December 18, 2013

Amazon App Store Visualized in a Pizza!

The Amazon Appstore continues to see tremendous growth and is now offering more than 100,000 apps as a result of a growth of 95 percent in app submissions. This momentum would not be possible without the many developers who build apps and games for folks using Kindle Fire and other Android devices.



December 14, 2013

Amazon mid-December deals include wines and Coins

Merchant coins aren’t just for games at children’s pizza chains. Amazon is making Coins available for purchase and customers can gift them for “apps, games and in-app items in the Amazon Appstore and on Kindle Fire.” Through January 5, 2014 customers who purchase Coins on Amazon.com will receive up to a 20 percent discount when gifting or buying the Coins. A pop-down button allows the buyer to send an email to a recipient for the gift. The Coin has an image of a female archer.

Android Community

December 12, 2013

Amazon letting users gift Coins this holiday season

If you’re at a standstill on what to get someone this holiday season, chances are you’ll turn to Amazon. In making a big push this holiday season, Amazon has announced they’ll now allow us to gift Amazon Coins. Even better, they’re offering a discount on Coins through the new year!


Beta News

December 12, 2013

Give the gift of Amazon Coins this holiday

Do you have someone on your shopping list who is part of the Amazon ecosystem? Chances are you do, given that anyone with an Android device can install and use the Amazon App Store, Kindle App, MP3 player and more. What you may not be familiar with is something called Amazon Coins.

PocketGamer.biz (UK)

December 12, 2013

Amazon now allows players to give Amazon Coins as a gift

Amazon has announced its proprietary platform-wide virtual currency system, Amazon Coins, can now be sent as a gift. The process for purchasing is simple - a user need only purchase a bundle of Amazon Coins, denote them as a gift, and the recipient receives an email that the Coins are ready to be spent on games, apps, and IAPs.

SomeDroid (via Phandroid)

December 12, 2013

Amazon now lets you gift Amazon Coins for the Amazon Appstore to family and friends this holiday season

Coins can also be used for in-app purchases in apps and games like Candy Crush Saga and iCookBook. To kick things off, Amazon is offering customers 20% off any purchase of Amazon Coins through January 5th, so you should have plenty of time to take advantage of these savings before the holiday festivities die down.


December 13, 2013

Amazon wants customers to gift Amazon Coins for games, apps

Amazon’s app store customers can now buy Amazon Coins, the store’s virtual currency, as gifts, the company announced Thursday.


December 12, 2013

Amazon wants customers to gift Amazon Coins for games, apps

Amazon's app store customers can now buy Amazon Coins, the store's virtual currency, as gifts, the company announced Thursday. When customers purchase a bundle of Amazon Coins as a gift, Amazon will notify the gift recipient through e-mail. The coins are normally priced at one cent per coin, but Amazon is adding a slight discount for bundles to encourage gifting. Bundles currently range from $4.80 for 500 coins to $90 for 10,000 coins. The promotion ends January 5.


December 12, 2013

You Can Now Gift Amazon Coins To Your Kindle-Owning Friends And Family

Earlier this year, Amazon got into the digital currency game with Amazon Coins. In essence, Kindle users can use Coins to buy games, apps and in-app purchases on mostly everything in the Amazon Appstore. Now those same Kindle users can gift Amazon Coins to other Kindle users. Amazon announced today that it’s now letting users gift Amazon Coins to others just in time for the holidays. It’s being billed as an easy, yet effective, gift for those in among your family and friends that own a Kindle or use the Amazon Appstore on their Android device.

The Next Web

December 12, 2013

Amazon Coins can now be gifted to other people for purchasing content in the Amazon Appstore

It’s now possible for Amazon Appstore customers to gift Amazon Coins, the e-commerce giant’s virtual currency, to one another. This means, right on cue for the holiday season, users can send anyone in-store credit to spend on their preferred apps, games or digital content.


December 12, 2013

Amazon now lets users send Amazon Coins as gifts

Amazon on Thursday introduced a new option which should help spur additional downloads of Android games and apps – and developer revenue. Starting today, you can buy Amazon Coins as gifts for friends and family members. These coins, which have been around for much of 2013, can be used to pay for in-app stuff like new levels, songs, power-ups, and weapons.


December 12, 2013

Amazon now lets you gift Amazon Coins for the Amazon Appstore to family and friends this holiday season

‘Tis the season to give and give, so Amazon is giving you a new way to give to others. The online retailer has announced that Amazon Coins can now be gifted to your family and friends, giving you the perfect gift for someone who’s looking for new apps and games on their Amazon Kindle Fire device (or who just happens to like using the Amazon Appstore on whatever other Android device they might have).

Beta News

December 12, 2013

Give the gift of Amazon Coins this holiday

Do you have someone on your shopping list who is part of the Amazon ecosystem? Chances are you do, given that anyone with an Android device can install and use the Amazon App Store, Kindle App, MP3 player and more. What you may not be familiar with is something called Amazon Coins. The currency doesn't get a lot of attention, but it can be used to purchase apps, games and in-app items. Each Coin is essentially the equivalent of a penny -- 500 Coins is the same as $5. Now Amazon is raising the profile of this virtual currency, announcing that as of today you can not only buy Coins for yourself, but also gift them to others.

The Next Web

November 21, 2013

Amazon opens its Android Appstore in Australia and Brazil, includes New Zealand for good measure

Amazon today opened its Android Appstore in Australia and Brazil, available in the countries’ respective local currencies. While the Amazon Appstore has been available in nearly 200 countries since May, it now allows developers to price their apps in Australian dollars and Brazilian reals. Amazon has made sure the Australian Appstore is also accessible to residents of New Zealand and has included a new localization option for Brazilian Portuguese. “Being able to offer your apps for sale in the local currency of Australia and Brazil means less friction for customers in two of the most important global app marketplaces,” the company told developers.

PC & Tech Authority (Australia)

November 22, 2013

Amazon launches its popular Android Appstore down under

Who doesn’t like getting paid apps for free? The good news is that you can now do it legitimately – complete with free updates whenever they become available – through the recently launched Australian Amazon Appstore. Previously exclusive to users in the United States, Amazon has launched a local version with the same ‘one free app a day’ feature, giving users access to quality apps without having to pay a red cent.

Amazon launches its own virtual currency

The Telegraph

22nd November

Amazon is today giving every Kindle Fire owner in the UK £4, as it launches its own virtual currency. Amazons Coins allow customers to purchase Coins and use them to buy apps, games and other in-app items on the amazon.co.uk Appstore and on Kindle Fire.


Amazon Coins now available for Kindle Fire owners in the UK

Pocket Lint

22nd November

Amazon Coins, which can be used for apps and in-app buying, are available on Kindle Fire tablets for the first time in the UK today.


Amazon launch "Amazon Coins" for Kindle Fire in the UK

Tech Digest

22nd November

Not content with controlling a big chunk of Britain's retail needs, Amazon have today announced they're going a step further, and are launching their own currency. Well, sort of. Amazon Coins can be used to buy apps and content, and make in-app purchases on the Kindle Fire - and possibly make it cheaper than using cash.


Amazon Coins virtual currency available in UK

Digital Spy

22nd November

Amazon has announced that its Amazon Coins virtual currency is now available in the UK. Coins can be used to purchase software on the internet retailer's UK site, the Amazon Appstore, and Kindle Fire tablets.

Amazon's Coins app payment scheme arrives in the UK

The Inquirer

22nd November


Online retail giant Amazon has announced that its Coins scheme has gone live in the UK, and it's given Kindle Fire owners £4 worth of virtual currency to celebrate.


Kindle Fire owners will soon receive £4 worth of Amazon Coins for free


22nd November


Amazon wants to dominate your entire life. All your shopping needs and all your media wants are the company’s primary focus so far, but it even has a stake in the virtual currency game. Amazon Coins can only be redeemed through Amazon (naturally), so normally they wouldn’t be of interest, but the company is giving away 400 free coins - worth £4 - to anyone in the UK with a Kindle Fire.


Amazon Coins launches in the UK with £4 of free credit for every Kindle Fire

Tech Radar

22nd November


Amazon Coins have launched in the UK with Kindle Fire owners now able to buy the Amazon credit to spend on apps and in-app purchases. As a little launch gift/bribe to get you using them, Amazon has given everyone with a Kindle Fire £4 worth of free Coins.


Appy Friday! Amazon dishes out £4 of free content to customers

Daily Star

22nd November


Most free things come with a catch, but Amazon has today announced all customers will get £4 popped into their accounts. The credit will come in the form of Amazon's new coin currency.


Amazon launches its own virtual currency in the UK

The Gadget Show

22nd November


If you own an Amazon Kindle Fire, Christmas has come early. That’s because Amazon has just given you £4. Well not £4 in real money, but £4 in its own virtual currency, Amazon Coins, which it’s just launched in the UK.


Amazon Coins digital currency launched in UK, gives every Kindle Fire owner £4

The Independent

22nd November


Retailer and tablet maker Amazon has launched its digital currency, Amazon Coins, in the UK. The coins can be spent on Amazon.co.uk and within the company’s range of tablet devices, with the aim being to encourage sales within the retailer’s digital ecosystem.


Now you can pay with Amazon Coins in the UK

Mobile Money Revolution

22nd November


Amazon launched its entirely virtual coins in May. Developers get 70 per cent of Coins revenue.


Amazon Coins Pre-Payment For Kindle Fire Apps Arrives In Britain

Tech Week Europe

22nd November


Amazon has brought its Amazon Coins currency to the UK, and has given all Kindle Fire customers £4 worth as an incentive to start using the pre-payment scheme.


Kindle Fire owners get £4 for free in new Amazon Coins


22nd November


Amazon is launching its own money, and handing out £4 to every Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX owner to get you started. Available in the US since this summer, Amazon Coins are a currency that you can spend on apps, games and in-app items from the Amazon Appstore and on your Kindle Fire.


Amazon Coins virtual currency launched in the UK
Trusted Reviews

22nd November


Amazon has launched its virtual currency, Amazon Coins, in the UK and is offering Kindle Fire owners £4 worth to spend. The Amazon Coins allow customers to purchase Kindle Fire apps, games and in-app content via the Amazon Appstore on their tablet range.

Amazon Coins Launch In The UK

The Huffington Post

22nd November


Amazon has launched its own digital currency in the UK. 'Amazon Coins' are now available to use for purchases on the Amazon App Store and Kindle Fire tablets, and can offer discounts of up to 10%if bought in bulk.


Amazon Coins virtual currency launches in the UK


22nd November


Today online retail giant Amazon has brought its Amazon Coins virtual currency to UK customers. If you are a Kindle Fire owner you will find that you have been credited £4 worth of coins in your Amazon account to spend upon Kindle Fire apps, games or in-app purchases. Others will have to buy some; one Amazon Coin has the purchase power of 1p for apps, games and in-app purchases.


Amazon Coins virtual currency comes to UK

Bit Tech

22nd November


Amazon has joined the virtual currency trend by launching its own Amazon Coins, which have arrived here in the UK. The coins can be purchased from the Amazon website then redeemed for apps, games and in-app items on the Amazon.co.uk Appstore and on Kindle Fire. Discounts are also available if bought in bulk, potentially saving users money on valid purchases.


Amazon Coins arrive in the UK


22nd November


Today, Amazon announced that Amazon Coins will now be available for customers in the UK. The Amazon Coins program allows customers to purchase Coins and to redeem those for the purchase of apps, games and a broad range of in-app items on the Amazon.co.uk Appstore and on Kindle Fire.


Amazon Coins now available for Kindle Fire owners in the UK

Yahoo! News

22nd November


Amazon Coins, which can be used for apps and in-app buying, are available on Kindle Fire tablets for the first time in the UK today. These Coins will be useful as it makes in-app buying and app buying easier. It also makes it easier for developers to monetise their apps. Why does that matter to Kindle Fire users? By buying coins in bulk you can make savings of up to 10 per cent.


Mobile World Live

November 5, 2013

Amazon adds analytics, A/B testing for Android, iOS

Amazon has boosted the services it offers iOS and Android developers with the release of an analytics tool and A/B testing facility. The Analytics Dashboard provides developers with metrics on daily and monthly active devices, total sessions, retention rates, average revenue per device and average revenue per paying device for in-app items.


Mobile World Live

November 1, 2013

Games cement app store leadership

Games were the most downloaded apps across the iPhone (33 per cent), iPad (48 per cent), from Google Play (37 per cent) and the Amazon Appstore (a “remarkable” 63 per cent) in 2013, according to a study from Distimo.



October 28, 2013

Amazon Takes Huge Steps To Embrace Mobile Commerce

In late August Amazon announced a major overhaul of its affiliate programme, finally making it 'mobile friendly'. This update of policies and tools includes the introduction of a Mobile Developer API to allow developers to leverage the growing number of online shoppers making purchases anywhere but at their desktops. With these latest updates, all signs indicate that the king of e-commerce is going 'all in' in the game of mobile commerce. Here are some ways in which developers and affiliates alike are uniquely poised to benefit from the updates to the associates programme.


Phone Phlash

October 17, 2013

Submit your HTML5-Based Mobile Apps to Amazon

The Amazon Appstore is now opening its doors to welcome HTML 5 based applications. Recently on 7th august, 2013 Amazon has launched a web app support to allow the developers to submit the URLs of applications and different mobile sites which are going to be distributed to customers. This step is taken to ensure that there are no 3rd- parties coming in between the developers and amazon thus providing access to developers to In-App purchasing API used for JavaScript.


Ecommerce Times

October 10, 2013

Amazon Sweetens the Deal for App Developers

Amazon this week unveiled a new program designed to draw third-party developers to the company's platform. Known as "Appstore Developer Select," the program offers incentives such as promotional boosts to developers that optimize their apps or games for the Amazon Appstore and the Fire OS mobile operating system on which the company's Kindle Fire devices run. "Mobile app developers have told us that getting their apps discovered across the numerous devices customers are using is one of their biggest challenges," said Mike George, vice president of Amazon Appstore, games and Cloud Drive. "With the Appstore Developer Select program, we're addressing these discoverability concerns by providing developers with enhanced merchandising opportunities."



September 19, 2013

Amazon Adds iOS Support To GameCircle And Whispersync For Games For Cross-Platform Saves And Leaderboards

Amazon has announced an update for its GameCircle and Whispersync for Games services for mobile gaming apps today, which introduces iOS support. That means that Amazon’s GameCircle, which offers achievement tracking for mobile apps, and WhisperSync for Games, which makes it so that a mobile gamer’s progress goes with them as they move from device to device, will all now be able to work on both Android and iOS hardware, including the iPhone and iPad.