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FAQs for Mobile Associates


This page contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Mobile Associates program.


Q: How do I get started with the Mobile Associates API?
With the Mobile Associates API, developers can earn money by advertising Amazon products and services.

You can sell products inside your app from among the millions of items available at Amazon, including physical goods (such as toys and clothing) and digital items (such as eBooks and MP3s). Learn more about this API by visiting the Mobile Associates page.

Q: Can I make Mobile Associates API work on Amazon devices?
Amazon’s Mobile Associates API is compatible with Amazon devices. Learn more by visiting the Mobile Associates page.
Q: My app is on Google Play. Can I use Mobile Associates API?
Yes. The Mobile Associates API is compatible with apps on Google Play. Learn more by visiting the Mobile Associates page.
Q: Who can use Mobile Associates API?
Most international and U.S. developers can use Mobile Associates API. Developers who reside in AR, CO, ME, MO, RI, and VT are not eligible to use the Mobile Associates API because the Amazon Associates program is not available in those states. Developers can only distribute approved apps via U.S. app stores.
Q: Can any app integrate with Mobile Associates API?
Amazon Appstore Content Guidelines apply to apps integrating the Mobile Associates API. For information about our Content Guidelines, see the section Policy: Content Guidelines.
Q: Can I earn an advertising fee for every product on Amazon that a customer purchases through my app?
The Amazon Associates team maintains a list of excluded products here. These products are not eligible for sale via Mobile Associates API. In addition, sexually explicit and other adult-oriented products are excluded from product search. See the Associates Program Operating Agreement for additional information about advertising fees.
Q: What is the advertising fee rate?
Developers can earn up to 6% in advertising fees for eligible purchases. See the Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule for complete terms.