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Success Stories

Learn how developers are earning more with the AMAZON Mobile Ads API


"The $2.87 eCPM we saw through Amazon far exceeded our expectation. Now we're racing to get Amazon integrated in all of our apps across all Android stores."

-- Mahesh Khambadkone, Co-Founder (click here for full story)

James Farrier

"We switched to Amazon from another major ad network and have seen revenue lift of 20%. Now, I call Amazon first, then another network, so my overall revenue increased 250%. The results from Amazon have greatly exceeded our expectations"

-- James Farrier, Founder 


"We decided to try Amazon's ads because our overall revenue and eCPM was low on tablets with another network. We initially integrated the Amazon Mobile Ads API in one of our Amazon apps since most users are on Kindle Fire devices. Our effort has paid off! We saw eCPM jump 300% and our revenue doubled. Now we have the Mobile Ads API integrated in all our free apps distributed through Amazon."

--Anatoly Lubarsky, Founder 

Kanematsu Granks

"Our overall ad revenue on the Clipbox app increased 100% after we added the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. Our users have also been pleased with the quality of ads. Now, the Amazon Mobile Ad Network is indispensable to our ad monetization portfolio."

--Kanematsu Granks 


"Look for ad networks like Amazon that provide stability."

--Xiaoming (click here for full story)

Word Breaker

"The biggest help we’ve had monetizing is through the Amazon Mobile Ad Network and the spectacular eCPM we are seeing there. We had been considering quitting our days jobs before implementing the ads, but it was a ‘no brainer’ after switching to Amazon Mobile Ads.” Jason also mentioned that the “great fill rate” of Amazon Ads has certainly helped his apps [his fill-rate for Amazon Mobile Ads is currently 77%."

--Jason Stock, Firecracker Software (click here for full story)


"While we want to increase our earnings, we don’t want to compromise our users experience. Amazon provides an engaging experience for our users by delivering relevant ads from Amazon and brand advertisers. We are seeing 25% higher CTR on ads delivered by the Amazon Mobile Ad Network compared to other ad networks."

--Tim Oswald, Harpan Publishing (click here for full story)

Scanner Radio

"I've never displayed interstitial ads in his app until now, but decided to display them from Amazon since he knew the ad quality would be high."

--Gordon Edwards (click here for full story)