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Product Voucher Codes


Below we’ve compiled a list of productType values to be used when integrating with Amazon using product vouchers.

Product Voucher Types

ProductType Name Marketplace(s)
bookPV Book Voucher JP
hwPV Health and Wellness Voucher JP / US / UK
ppePV Education Assistance PV US
culturePV Pass Cadeau Culture FR
wfhPV Work From Home Product Voucher JP / UK / DE **
ftPV Fitness Tracker Product Voucher US
xmasPV Christmas Product Voucher FR
pePV Parenting Essentials Product Voucher US / JP
mobPV Mobility Product Voucher IT
eightPV 18 Year Old Product Voucher IT
teacherPV Teachers Product Voucher IT
empPV Employee Benefit Voucher DE
nursePV Nursing Home Voucher JP

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Last updated: Dec 16, 2022